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Admission Requirements

Master of Science Mechanical Engineering
Master of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Admission Requirements. An applicant must satisfy the minimum admission requirements of the Graduate College.  In addition, the applicant must hold a baccalaureate degree in mechanical engineering from an ABET-accredited program or a baccalaureate degree in a closely related field, and must follow the application procedures specified below.  Admission is competitive and the achievement of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Application Procedures. A prospective student may apply at any time and should follow the general graduate application procedure for degree-seeking students (see Applying as a Degree-Seeking Student in this catalog). The applicant must also (1) submit a statement of purpose to the mechanical engineering graduate program coordinator, (2) have three letters of recommendation submitted directly by references to the graduate program coordinator, and (3) arrange to have GRE General Test scores submitted by the Educational Testing Service ( directly to Boise State University (code R4018).   The statement of purpose should give the educational and professional background of the student and his or her motivation for graduate study including career goals.

Applicants holding a baccalaureate degree from the College of Engineering of Boise State University are not required to submit GRE scores.  Once the applicant’s file is complete, it will be evaluated by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee and an admission recommendation (regular, provisional, or denial) will be forwarded to the Dean of the Graduate College.  In order to ensure proper mentoring of all graduate students, a recommendation for regular or provisional admission will not be forwarded unless a faculty member of the Department of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering is available to serve as the major advisor.  The graduate dean will make the final admission decision and notify the applicant and the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee.