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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Students pursuing the Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering must complete at least 30 graduate credits distributed as shown in the degree requirements table. The Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Core requirement constitutes the foundation for the masters program. Students are expected to complete this requirement in the first two semesters of study.  A written thesis proposal and  presentation to the supervisory committee is required prior to admission to candidacy. Work on the thesis can only be undertaken after approval of the thesis proposal by the supervisory committee. The thesis must constitute an original contribution to knowledge in mechanical engineering and must be successfully defended at a final oral examination. All work directly related to the thesis must be represented by at least 6 credits of ME 593.

Course Number and TitleCredits
Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Core

ME 510 Continuum Mechanics (3 cr)

MATH 536 Partial Differential Equations or
MATH 537 Principles of Applied Mathematics (3 cr) *

Select one of the following courses:
MATH 565 Numerical Analysis I (3 cr)
MATH 571 Data Analysis (3 cr)
MATH 572 Computational Statistics (3 cr)
ME 536 Computational Fluid Dynamics (3 cr)
ME 570 Finite Element Methods (3 cr)
ME 571 Parallel Scientific Computing (3 cr)
Another course with a computational emphasis approved by the
student’s advisor (3 cr)
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses
Courses with ME prefix to be selected with student input and
approved by the supervisory committee.
Non-Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses
Graduate courses in a related field. Masters students may
take up to 6 credits of upper division (300 level and above)
undergraduate courses. Advisor approval required.
ME 593 Thesis

* The graduate committee has recently approved MATH 527 as the preferred class to meet the Mathematics core requirement.

For students that began their M.Engr. degree before Fall 2013, see old M.S. curriculum. Always refer to the graduate catalog under which you enrolled for program requirements.