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Innovation Studio

A place to get your hands dirty

Welcome to the Innovation Studio

As our technical society becomes more digital, modern engineering students must balance complex theory in lecture courses with an opportunity to realize creativity in a real-world fabrication space. Our students now have over 1,000 hours of access to equipment, software, and trained personnel to help them master their skills.

Welcome to the Engineering Innovation Studio, where students can:

  • Apply theoretical concepts
  • Work within real-world constraints
  • Demonstrate real-world skills, including collaboration, design, machining, and prototyping
  • Compete nationwide on projects against other universities
  • Participate in a more complete design experience


Student programming CNC mill
Travis Pruitt programs a CNC mill in our student shop


  • 6 Prusa 3D printers, including 1 Multi-color
  • 3 Delta 3D printers, including 1 ceramic printer
  • laser cutter/engraver


  • electronics workbench
  • oscilloscope
  • soldering irons
  • power supplies
  • signal generator
  • wire supply station

Hot Work

  • metal foundry
  • forge
  • TIG welder
  • 3 MIG welders
  • arc welder
  • handheld plasma
  • CNC Plasma
  • oxy-acetylene
  • hot cut-off saw
  • grinders


  • 2 drill press
  • horizontal bandsaw
  • 3 vertical bandsaws
  • hydraulic press
  • belt sander
  • 2 pedestal grinders
  • bench polishing and wire brush wheel
  • arbor press
  • sheet metal shear
  • sheet metal brake
  • bead roller
  • pipe/tubing bender
  • various hand tools and handheld power tools
  • foam cutting hotwire


  • 8 lathes (Jet, Monarch, Sharp, Red, Haas & Tida)
  • 5 mills (Sharp manual and 2 Sharp CNC mills, 1 mini mill)
  • CNC & Hand-held plasma


  • dedicated paint booth
  • polishing equipment
  • sandblasting
  • assembly benches


  • table saw
  • scroll saw
  • vertical band saw
  • compound miter saw
  • dust collection system
  • nailers
  • fixturing station
  • various hand tools

Collaboration & Design Resources

  • Group collaboration areas
  • Design software/display stations

All students receive skill/safety training on the equipment they use and are supported by trained student supervisors.


Developing a space for students to have hands-on experience has an economic impact on the region through:

  • reducing time to skill competency for graduating engineers
  • nurturing maturity in students’ engineering design
  • unleashing student creativity and innovation
  • developing useful fabrication skills
  • fostering teamwork and leadership development

Over the past two years, we’ve developed a new 480 ft2 collaboration space to complement our previous machine shop, roughly doubling the space available to engineering students. Six new 3-D printers, an electronics station, an additional CNC mill, and a foundry were added to the shop.

We are currently undergoing a major space expansion that will triple the size of the Innovation Studio, expanding opportunity for student access to mills, lathes, 3-D printers, and collaborative workspaces.  Over time we intend to expand fabrication capacity with additional equipment and resources, as well as additional space to complement the functionality and utilization of the Engineering Innovation Studio. This is a critical component supporting a “modernized” engineering curriculum.

How you can support us

Our goal is to support the Engineering Innovation Studio through industry and private sponsorships. These funds will support the continued growth and maintenance of the Innovation Studio equipment and programs that support student learning and experience.