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Preapproved Technical Electives

All technical electives must be approved by the student’s advisor. However, several courses have already been preapproved as technical electives in the following areas:

♦ Mechanical Engineering
♦ Materials Science and Engineering
♦ Civil Engineering
♦ Computer Science

♦ Construction Management
♦ Electrical and Computer Engineering
♦ Engineering Science

Mechanical Engineering

ME 325  HVAC Principles
ME 356  Introduction to Solid Biomechanics
ME 360  System Modeling and Control
ME 370  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ME 402  Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers
ME 411  Topics in Industrial Energy Efficiency
ME 420  Thermodynamics II
ME 426  Renewable Energy
ME 430  Fluid Dynamics
ME 432  Acoustics
ME 433  Dynamic Meteorology
ME 442  Corrosion Engineering
ME 444  Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
ME 450  Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ME 454  Composites
ME 460  Computer Aided Design
ME 461  Control Systems
ME 464  Production Engineering
ME 466  Computer Integrated Design & Manufacturing
ME 470  Finite Elements Methods
ME 471  Parallel Scientific Computing
ME 472  Vibrations
ME 477  Biomaterials
ME 478  Design and Analysis of Mechatronic Systems
ME 482  Optimal Design
ME 484  Robust Design
ME 485  Vehicle Design
ME 486  Human Factors Design
ME 488  Design for Manufacture and Assembly
ME 493  Internship (3 credits)
ME 496  Independent Study (3 credits)
ME 497  Special Topics (3 credits)

Materials Science and Engineering

MSE 305  Structure of Materials
MSE 308  Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 312  Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE 318  Phase Transformations and Kinetics
MSE 380  Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory
MSE 419  Interfacial Kinetics and Transport Processes
MSE 422  Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSE 423  Introduction to X-Ray Diffraction
MSE 428  Interfaces and Dislocation Behavior
MSE 461  Microelectronic Packaging Materials
MSE 464  Computational Materials Science
MSE 471  Physical Ceramics and Glasses
MSE 477  Biomaterials
MSE 478  Scientific Communication in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 488  Biocompatability and Environmental Degradation
MSE 498  Materials Science and Engineering Seminar

Civil Engineering

CE 310  Advanced Surveying
CE 316  Hydrology
  also GEOS 316  Hydrology
CE 320  Principles of Environmental Engineering
CE 340  Engineering Properties of Construction Materials
CE 351  Codes and Official Documents
CE 352  Structures I
CE 354  Structures II
CE 360  Engineering Properties of Soils
CE 370  Transportation Engineering Fundamentals
CE 410  Engineering Hydrology
CE 412  Hydrology: Flow in Geologic Systems
  also GEOS 412  Hydrology: Flow in Geologic Systems
CE 420  Environmental Process Chemistry
CE 422  Hazardous Waste Engineering
CE 423  Air Pollution Control Engineering
CE 424  Water Treatment Plant Systems and Design
CE 425  Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems and Design
CE 426  Aqueous Geochemistry
   also GEOS 426  Aqueous Geochemistry
CE 433  Contaminant Transport
CE 436  Hydraulics
CE 437  GIS in Water Resources
CE 438  Water Resources Engineering
CE 440  Pavement Design and Evaluation
CE 450  Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 452  Structural Steel Design
CE 454  Timber Design
CE 456  Masonry
CE 460  Geotechnical Engineering Design
CE 462  Foundation Design
CE 470  Highway and Traffic Systems Design
CE 472  Transportation Planning
CE 475  Traffic Engineering

Computer Science

COMPSCI 321  Data Structures
COMPSCI 354  Programming Languages
COMPSCI 361  Introduction to the Theory of Computation
COMPSCI 410  Databases
COMPSCI 421  Algorithms
COMPSCI 425  Introduction to Computer Networks
COMPSCI 430  Parallel Computing
COMPSCI 441  Computer Architecture
COMPSCI 450  Programming Language Translation
COMPSCI 453  Operating Systems
COMPSCI 455  Distributed Systems
COMPSCI 457  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
COMPSCI 464  Computer Graphics
COMPSCI 471  Software Engineering
COMPSCI 472  Object-Oriented Design Patterns
COMPSCI 474  Software Quality

Construction Management

CM 385                 Construction Contracts and Law
CM 417                 Project Scheduling

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 300  Magnetic Theory
ECE 310  Microelectronic Circuits
ECE 320  Semiconductor Devices
ECE 330  Microprocessors
ECE 340  Electrical Properties of Materials
ECE 350  Signals and Systems
ECE 360  System Modeling and Control
ECE 380  Electrical Engineering Practice
ECE 400  Applied Electromagnetics
ECE 410  Integrated Circuit Physical Design
ECE 411  CMOS Analogic IC Design
ECE 413  RF Design
ECE 418  Memory Circuit Design
ECE 420  Advanced Device Design and Simulation
ECE 430  Digital Hardware Design
ECE 432  Computer Architecture
ECE 433  Embedded and Portable Computing Systems
ECE 436  Digital Systems Rapid Prototyping
ECE 440  Intro to Integrated Circuit Processing
ECE 441  Advanced Silicon Technology
ECE 442  Photolithography
ECE 443  Introductions to MEMS
ECE 451  Communication Systems
ECE 452  Wireless Communications
ECE 454  Digital Signal Processing
ECE 456  Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
ECE 457  Digital Image Processing
ECE 461  Control Systems
ECE 470  Electric Machines
ECE 472  Power Electronics
ECE 473  Power System Analysis I
ECE 474  Power System Analysis II

Engineering Science

ENGR 360            Engineering Economy
ENGR 375            Microgravity University (3 credits)
ENGR 385            Scientific Methods through Engineering (3 credits)
ENGR 475            Microgravity University (3 credits)


CHEM 301  Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 307  Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 309  Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 321  Physical Chemistry I Lecture
CHEM 322  Physical Chemistry II Lecture
CHEM 323  Advanced Synthesis Laboratory
CHEM 324  Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 341  Glassblowing
CHEM 342  Glassblowing
CHEM 350  Fundamentals of Biochemistry
CHEM 386  Directed Reading in Chemistry
CHEM 396  Research in Chemistry (3 credits)
CHEM 401  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 411  Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 422  Advanced Topics in Chemistry
CHEM 431  Biochemistry I
CHEM 433  Biochemistry II
CHEM 440  Spectrometric Identification
CHEM 495  Research in Chemistry (3 credits)


MATH 301  Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 305  Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Number Theory
MATH 307  Public Key Cryptology
MATH 308  Introduction to Algebraic Cryptology
MATH 311  Foundations of Geometry
MATH 314  Foundations of Analysis
MATH 365  Introduction to Computational Mathematics
MATH 370  Functions and Modeling
MATH 387  Discrete and Foundational Mathematics
MATH 403  Linear Algebra
MATH 405  Abstract Algebra
MATH 406  Number Theory
MATH 408  Advanced Public Key Cryptology
MATH 409  Symmetric Key Cryptology
MATH 411  Introduction to Topology
MATH 414  Advanced Calculus
MATH 426  Complex Variables
MATH 433  Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 436  Partial Differential Equations
MATH 456  Linear Programming
MATH 462  Probability and Statistics
MATH 464  Mathematical Modeling
MATH 465  Numerical Analysis
MATH 471  Data Analysis


PHYS 301  Analog and Digital Electronics
PHYS 307  Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 309  Introductory Quantum Physics with Application
PHYS 311  Modern Physics
PHYS 325  Scientific Computing
PHYS 330  Optics
PHYS 341  Mechanics
PHYS 381  Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 382  Electrodynamics
PHYS 395  Research in Physics (3 credits)
 PHYS 405  Astrophysics
PHYS 412  Intermediate Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 415  Solid State Physics
PHYS 422  Advanced Topics
PHYS 423  Physical Methods of Materials Characteristics
PHYS 432  Thermal Physics
PHYS 436  Soft Matter
PHYS 481  Advanced Physics
PHYS 495  Research in Physics (3 credits)


BIOL 477  Biomaterials (Honors)
ZOOL 403  Head and Neck Anatomy


KINES 330  Exercise Physiology
KINES 370  Biomechanics
KINES 375  Human Growth and Motor Learning
KINES 376  Laboratory for Human Growth and Motor Learning
KINES 403  Head and Neck Anatomy
KINES 424  Theory and Application of Therapeutic Exercise
KINES 436  Exercise Testing and Prescription
KINES 438  Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement

College of Business

ENTREP 320  Entrepreneurial Skills
ENTREP 420  New Venture Creation
ENTREP 421  Managing an Emerging Business
GENBUS 302  Commercial Law
ITM 305  Information Technology and Network Essentials
ITM 310  Business Intelligence
ITM 315  Database Systems
ITM 320  Systems Planning and Analysis
ITM 360  Advanced Networking Concepts
ITM 415  Advanced Database
ITM 455  Information Security
MGMT 301  Leadership Skills
MKTG 301  Principals of Marketing
MKTG 422  New Product Development
MKTG 440  Industrial Marketing
SCM 345  Principles of Operations Management
SCM 366  Supply Chain Modeling
SCM 380  Quality Management and Lean Process Improvement
SCM 410  Supply Chain Transportation and Distribution
SCM 420  Creating Sustainable Goods and Services
SCM 435  Project Management