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Communication Channels

Students need information to make decisions, and we want to get that information to them! Take a look at how MBE gets info to YOU!

newsletter iconNewsletter. The biweekly MBE Newsletter is the official news source for the department. Every ME undergraduate and graduate student will receive this in their Boise State email address. This is where we announce news, opportunities, jobs and internships, policy changes, and more! We work to make this a one-stop place for the information you need.

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Facebook iconFacebook. Want to know what’s going on in the department? The industry? The world? We try to give you quick updates throughout the week. Read about what your peers are doing, who got awards, what events are coming up, articles about engineering and about being a successful student. Short, sweet and to the point, our Facebook group is where you’ll find out what’s going on NOW.

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Linked In iconLinkedIn. Building a professional network starts NOW! Get your LinkedIn profile set up and then join our MBE group! We’re working to connect our past and present students to share opportunities, ask and answer questions, and share articles and resources you can use. We also recruit employers to join our group so that our students can make industry connections early on. If you want to know how LinkedIn can work for you, just visit with Justin in the ME office!

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envelope iconDirect E-Mail. When timing is critical, we’ll send an email out to student email addresses directly. Watch for messages from,, or from our department staff (Katy, Justin or Ashley). Be sure and check your student email regularly so as to not miss anything important!

Website. We work to make the information you need as accessible as possible. From information prospective students need to make decisions to the forms, dates and processes that current students need to accomplish their goals, we work to have that information ready and easy to find.

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Get Involved!

Help us find the right way to get the right information to the right people at the right time! As our audience, we want to know what you want to hear about and how you want to get that information. Sign up to participate in one or more of the following activities!

Surveys. On occasion, we might ask questions about what we might be doing right, what things need changing, or what new things you might like to see. Folks who sign up for surveys will be sent an email asking your opinion on these questions throughout the year.

Focus Groups. Sometimes we need to brainstorm or work through an idea. Focus groups are meetings where we solicit reactions and input on a variety of topics and may last 1-2 hours. Students who participate in a focus group will help us solve creative of practical problems in getting the right information out in the right way.

Content Creation. We want our message to be unique and about the student experience at Boise State. Who better to provide that viewpoint than you? We’d love to have you write for us for any of the above channels. Pictures, videos and commentary on our Facebook page. Articles about the your experiences as an engineering student for our LinkedIn page. Content about club activities for our Newsletter. It’s a way to make our program truly about you!

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