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Inspire ME Seminars

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Inspire ME is a weekly series featuring local, regional and national researchers, industry professionals, instructors and students sharing insight on everything from space exploration to human performance, student experience to professional development, engineering research to engineering practice.

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Seminar Schedule – Fall 2019

Our Fall seminars will be held on Friday afternoons from Noon until 1:00 in MEC 106. Details are still being finalized, but the schedule to date is below:

August 30 – How should I approach the upcoming school year?
Employer Panel: 1,4Group, DC Engineering, DECKED, Cascade engineering
As you start the year, what can you be doing now to gain the skills employers will appreciate? Join our panel of industry experts and pick their brains in this energetic, inter-active session.

September 6 – Career Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry
TJ Anderson and Haley Adams Anderson, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Join Boise State alumni TJ Anderson (MSE) and Haley Adams Anderson (ME) as they talk about their careers at Sierra Nevada Corporation. Whether in systems/manufacturing roles or in R&D efforts, learn from a couple who are involved in amazing projects with out-of-this-world impact.

September 13 – Keeping your Wheels on the Road
Gary Weaver, CWI Automotive Tech Program
Dad isn’t here to handle the maintenance of your vehicle, and a repair shop is expensive! Learn about basic automobile maintenance and what you can do to avoid costly problems! The folks from College of Western Idaho’s Automotive Technology program will be here to give you hands-on experience!

September 20 – Does Size Matter? Where to work after graduation
Yvette Barrios, Ryan Okelberry, Sarah Haight, Travis Dean
Join our panel of alumni to hear about the pros and cons of working for a big corporation, an established small business, or a small startup company and how to tell what’s right for you!

September 27 – Enhancing Affordability with Contemporary Systems Engineering
Dr. Heidi Davidz, Aerojet Rocketdyne
As engineering projects become more complex, demand is soaring for Systems Engineers. For environments where affordability is now of primary importance, SE can be a strategic advantage. This seminar will provide an introduction to SE, an overview of SE application, and insight into contemporary SE innovations.

October 4 – I Owe U-niversity: Building Credit and Minimizing Debts
Todd Christensen, Debt Reduction Services
Should you get all those cool credit cards? What is your credit score? Is it important? Todd will be here to share tips and tricks to help you avoid unnecessary debt and credit card problems. A great session if you are managing your money – or should be!

October 11 – Homebuying 101
Heather Bowman, Idaho Housing and Finance Association
Yes, a college student can start looking to homeownership if they just follow some basic steps. Learn what you can do from Heather Bowman and see what you can do now to afford the white picket fence!

October 18 – Building your stress management plan
Holly Levin, Boise State BroncoFit Program
When everything starts piling on top of you, how do you find balance?

October 25 – Engineering Patient-Specific Drug Delivery to the Brain
Dr. Bryn Martin, University of Idaho
Many central nervous system (CNS) diseases are difficult to treat effectively with blood-based drug delivery methods because the blood-brain barrier severely restricts or entirely blocks the passage of most drugs and biologics to the CNS tissue. Learn how one researcher is exploring a new route for drug delivery.

November 1 – Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Parts: State-of-the-art and qualification challenges
Dr. Aref Yadollahi, Mississippi State University
Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is growing in the field of industrial manufacturing. But how do you measure the fatigue performance in AM parts?

November 8 – Navigating the Health Insurance Journey in Idaho
Brandon Akers, Blue Cross of Idaho
What do you really know about health insurance? How does it work? How much do you need? And what does it mean to you? Join us as we look at what health insurance means in Idaho.

November 15 – Manufacturing and Engineering
Sid Sullivan, AceCo Precision Manufacturing
Automation, engineering, and quality control. Critical aspects of the manufacturing process and a growing area for mechanical engineers. Learn more about the opportunities you can find in making things!

November 22 – Baby Biomechanics: Improving safety and progressing innovation
Dr. Erin Mannen, University of Arkansas
How does baby gear impact movement or safety? How do orthopaedic interventions affect hip development? Can we improve treatment for babies with hip dysplasia? We’ll explore how biomechanics can help answer questions about baby product design and infant musculoskeletal development.

November 29 – Thanksgiving Break

December 6 – Multidisciplinary Approaches to Quantifying Muskuloskeletal Movement Pathologies
Dr. Brecca Gaffney
The study of biomechanics looks at how mechanical forces affect living organisms. But how do we measure and study these forces? Get new insight into how engineers look at the body in this exciting seminar.

December 13 – Robot-assisted hip replacement surgery
Dr. Bradley Daines, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Robots add a level of precision that is invaluable to surgeons who perform delicate joint replacements. Learn how biomedical engineering and robotics intersect right here in the Treasure Valley!

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