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Inspire ME Seminars

Image of the Inspire Me logoInspire ME is a weekly series featuring local, regional and national researchers, industry professionals, instructors and students sharing insight on everything from space exploration to human performance, student experience to professional development, engineering research to engineering practice.

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Our next Seminar

What happens when our “smart” economy has a breakdown?Cyber-Physical Systems graphic

Why do Mechanical Engineers and Software Engineers need to design and build together? In order to successfully transition from traditional mechanical products to the next generation of Cyber-Physical Systems, we’ll have to reinvent our innovation and development processes and take a multidisciplinary approach. The next generation of CPS will be autonomous and be able to adapt their behavior to the users requirements to handle dynamic and versatile environments, so these systems need to be resilient to internal and external failures and attacks. This talk focuses on automating the verification of safety and security requirements to ensure designs are safe, automating the analysis of design topology to increase design robustness against internal failures or external attacks, and allocating an appropriate level of redundancy into the design to ensure designs are resilient.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018
1:30 – 2:30 PM
ENGR 103

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