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Virtual Renegades: Exploring your future in a new frontier

Thursday, February 15, 2018
1:30 – 2:30 PM
ENGR 103

About the Presentation

Who’s ready to change the world? Of all the latest emerging technologies, virtual and augmented reality have exploded onto the scene as new applications are being created on a daily basis. Expectations and investments are high, so how can you contribute to this rapidly evolving industry? And what is mixed reality? What does it mean to work out in virtual reality?!?! Hopefully your questions about this new (and not so new) technology will be addressed, highlighting specific applications and companies in need of new professionals just like you!

Very few careers began in this exciting industry but that’s about to change. What’s even better is that Boise is emerging as one of the leading tech scenes in the country with vast supporting resources in the VR/AR/MR space. More information will be presented about local startup and recent CES award winner Black Box VR, how you can get involved with organizations like the Idaho Virtual Reality Council (IVRC), and how a career in this rapidly growing field is a REALITY.

About the Presenter

Rich Reavis

Rich Reavis, P.E.

Director of Engineering, Hardware Systems, Black Box VR | Member at Idaho Virtual Reality Council (IVRC) | Contributing Writer at Virtual Reality Fitness Insider (VRFI)

An Idaho native, Rich proudly describes himself as a “nerd-lete,” enjoying all things sports and tech from an early age. Rich has served in various leading technical and business development roles across multiple industries since graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University. Rich is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Idaho and has created several custom modeling programs and electromechanical designs which have been implemented in many large-capital, industry-first-type projects across North America. Later in his career he served as a technical sales and business development representative for one of the largest privately owned companies in North America.

Rich joined Black Box VR in 2017 and serves on the executive team as the Director of Engineering, responsible for product development/design, manufacturing operations, and procurement for mechanical and electrical hardware systems. He also serves as an active member for the Idaho Virtual Reality Council (IVRC) and contributing writer for Virtual Reality Fitness Insider (VRFI). As an active BSU alumnus, he is currently serving as a Member at Large for the BSU COEN Alumni Chapter.