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Engineering Project Management and Leadership

Friday, February 1
Noon – 1:00 PM
RUCH 103

A fundamental understanding of engineering project management and leadership is imperative for meeting the challenges facing young engineers as they enter the U.S. workforce.  Evolving business processes, increased client expectation, and a multi-generational workforce creates complex workplace challenges that are often not considered in a technology centric curriculum.  Often left to chance, corporate hierarchy, or dumb luck, the development of early career leadership skills is imperative for the next generation.  This discussion will introduce fundamental project management skills with an emphasis on leadership as a necessity for individual and project success.

Tony Songer Headshot

Anthony Songer is a Professor in the Department of Construction Management at Boise State University.  He has over 30 years experience in practice, research and teaching in the areas of project management and leadership. Dr. Songer holds degrees from the United States Military Academy (BS), Western New England College (MBA), and the University of California, Berkeley (MS/PhD).  Songer’s principal areas of research include innovative project delivery techniques and leadership.