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Fall 2015 Inspire ME Seminars

  • Image of four alumni guest speakers
    12/11/15 Alumni Panel

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. Gunes Uzer's seminar on "Cell Mechanosensitivity is Enabled by the LINC Nuclear Complex"
    11/6/15 Dr. Gunes Uzer, University of North Carolina

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. Jeffery Rankin's seminar on "Using Computer Models and Simulations to Study Animal Movement: a Platform for Innovation and Bio-inspiration"
    11/3/15 Dr. Jeffrey Rankin, University of London

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. Joan Lynam's seminar on "Biomass Deconstruction with ionic liquids"
    10/30/15 Dr. Joan Lynam, University of Nevada

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. Clare Fitzpatrick's seminar on "Computational biomechanics: Applications in orthopaedics"
    10/23/15 Dr. Clare Fitzpatrick, University of Denver

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. Jeffrey Wolchok's seminar on "Exploring the Role of Extracellular Matrix in Muscle Healing and Brain Injury"
    10/16/15 Dr. Jeffrey Wolchok, University of Arkansas

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. David Fuhrman's seminar on "From the surface to the sea bed: recent advances in computational coastal dynamics"
    10/9/15 Dr. David Fuhrman, Technical University of Denmark

  • Image of a flyer for Chuck Adams' seminar on "Round and Round: Confronting Stress Factors in Rotating Parts Design"
    9/28/15 Chuck Adams, GE Aviation

  • Image of a flyer for Dr. John R. Saylor's seminar for "The Ultrasonic Scrubber"
    9/18/15 Dr. John Saylor, Clemson University

  • Image of a flyer for Dan Isla's seminar on "Mars Rover Curiosity"
    8/28/15 Dan Isla, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Inspire ME is a weekly series of speakers and presentations sharing insight on everything from space exploration to human performance, student experience to internship opportunities, engineering research to engineering practice. Join us each week to hear from local and national researchers, industry professionals, instructors and students.

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