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Finding an Internship

How can I find an internship?

There are a variety of resources for finding internships both locally and nationally.

COEN resources:
Companies and agencies interested in hiring engineering students often provide information to Leandra Aburusa, Coordinator of Student Support Services (ENGR 101). Learn more about Leandra Aburusa.

MBE resources:
Your professors and advisors may also learn about internships from their contacts with the engineering community. It’s a good idea to let us all know that you are interested in an internship, so that we can keep you in mind if something comes up.

Also, our biweekly student newsletters will include internships as we are made aware of them. If you are not currently enrolled, you can sign up to receive them. Subscribe to the MBE Student Newsletter.

Your employer:
If you’ve already got an engineering-related job, you can usually arrange for an internship with your current employer. If that’s the case, look for new projects that will allow you to apply classroom knowledge to your job. Discuss the situation with your department internship coordinator to get approval.

Boise State Career Center:
Check the Career Center website to see tips for finding or creating an internship. (

Internet sources
There are many sites that assist students to find internship placements. Some we can suggest are: