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How do I get my internship grade?

Your internship grade is based upon your final report.

  1. All draft and final reports MUST be signed by your job supervisor before you submit them to us.
  2. Your final report is due to the internship coordinator by the last day of class unless otherwise notified.
  3. The rubric assesses the attainment of the learning objectives in the internship experience.
  4. The coordinator assigns a letter grade to the report, which constitutes the grade for ME 493 or ME 293.
  5. The report is graded based on the following rubric.

AssessmentsCriteriaNoviceCompetentProficientEffective Engineering
Learning Objective
(30 points)
Clear Definition of Learning Objectives
Are the current learning objectives clearly stated with specific expected outcomes for the results of the work? Are there at least three specific, independent objectives? Did the objectives change during the course of the work assignment? If so, why?
Organizational Alignment
How do the defined learning objectives match the goals of the organization? There should be a clear link describing how the learning objectives are/were a value to the organization.
Technical Level
Did these learning objectives provide a suitably challenging learning experience for the intern? Were the new engineering skills at an appropriate level relative to the level of the intern? New areas of learning and how they built on existing classroom skills should be highlighted.
(30 points)
What was the approach used to accomplish the learning objectives? How were tasks planned to accomplish the goals? Where was information obtained and why was that source used? What tools (software, instrumentation, fabrication, tools, etc.) were used to accomplish the goals and how did the intern learn to use them?
Organizational Impact
In totality, what was the overall impact of this work and learning on the assigned tasks/projects? Were any notable results or accomplishments highlighted or discussed? Will this work have a long-term impact on the organization? How? Why?
(40 points)
Document Formatting
Is the document properly organized as a technical report and does it use proper grammar? Technical reports should contain specific sections including an Abstract all the way to a Discussion of Results and Conclusions. The report should be written in third person and minimal passive voice. There should be NO grammar/spelling errors.
Graphics Presentation
Are the graphics in the report properly presented to the reader? Are there scale bars in photographic images? Are there proper captions? Is each figure referenced and discussed in the text of the document? Do the graphs have proper axis labeling? Are units properly noted? Are CAD drawings properly dimensioned?
Referencing Sources
Are all the sources of information referenced? These sources of information can include trade journals, textbooks, workshops as well as discussions with co-workers and mentors within the organization. Is each reference properly documented?