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Scholarships and Fellowships

picture of cash; text reads $535K College of Engineering scholarships awarded in 2016-2017

Boise State Funded Scholarships and Financial Aid

Boise State University offers scholarships and financial aid to a wide variety of students. The College of Engineering also has money to be distributed to both new and continuing students. These funds, under the control of the College of Engineering, are generally awarded based on scholastic achievement. In order to apply for either Boise State University funds or College of Engineering funds, go to the Boise State Scholarship Application.
The monies are awarded for the following school year.

MBE Service Scholarships
The Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department has a few Service Scholarships available to undergraduate students that have a distinguished academic record (minimum 3.0 GPA) and can demonstrate excellence in leadership, community service, and/or school activities (e.g. student clubs, organizations, research.) To apply for a scholarship, please go to the Boise State Scholarship Application.

Sponsored Scholarships

A variety of professional and private sources offer scholarships to engineering students. They may be based on academic, economic, ethnic, civic, service or other criteria. (This list is currently being updated)

You can research scholarship info at many online sources, including the following sites:


Fellowships are similar to scholarships, but primarily (though not exclusively) targeted t0 graduate students. While scholarships are generally based on past performance, fellowships frequently target future work, study, research and professional development of the recipient. All fellowships are grants and do not need to be repaid.