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Senior Design

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Senior Design is a two-semester culminating activity that brings students’ foundational and theoretical learning together in a hands-on, problem-solving effort. Student teams work with sponsoring companies to design and build projects that meet the sponsors’ needs. This real-world experience teaches communication, interdisciplinary teamwork, specifications, and design. Past semesters have included projects in agribusiness, healthcare, game hunting, recreation, rocketry, education, structural engineering, alternative energy, business systems, transportation, and entertainment.

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in the BSU Capstone Project program this year.  I worked closely with the team … and have been impressed with these students.  Over my career I have hired and worked with dozens of engineering seniors, and I can say without a doubt that these are some of the best and brightest I have experienced.
Their work on the Porvair design this year was very professional, detailed, and they delivered well beyond my expectations.  The final working model displays genuine effort, thought and ingenuity which developed over the course of the project.
You should be proud of this team, as they have exemplified what I would anticipate coming from the BSU Engineering College.

Jerry Young, General Manager
Engineering Manager, Microelectronics

If you would like to be a sponsor for a team (or even if you have questions), please contact one of our project coordinators.


Lynn Catlin
Spring project coordinator
Office: Grant Avenue Annex, Room 104

Gus Engstrom
Fall project coordinator
Office: Grant Avenue Annex, Room 103

Mailing Address
Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
Boise State University
1910 University Drive, MS-2085
Boise, ID 83725-2085


Wednesday, Dec. 11
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Alumni and Friends Center Ballroom
1173 W University Dr

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design students proudly share their accomplishments with a display of their work.

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