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2017 Fall Senior Design Showcase

photo showing seniors working on CNC machine

Fall 2017 Senior Design Showcase
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Welcome to our Spring Senior Design Showcase! The graduating seniors of December 2017 are pleased to invite you to learn about the exciting projects they have been designing and fabricating in their capstone experience. From refrigeration, manufacturing, wildlife management, prosthetics, structural testing, agricultural processing, household goods, and recreational athletics, you’ll find students involved in creative problem solving of real-world problems.

POWER Engineers Logo#4 – Refrigeration Project

Sponsor: POWER Engineers
Team: Dominic Costa, Jonathan Dudley, Sierra Ludwig, Kai Isaacs, Austin Salisbury
Advisors: Gus Engstraom, John Gardner
     This design project centered on creating a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) design for a large warehouse containing dry storage, refrigerated storage, and freezer rooms. This design provides recommendation and analysis for five cities around the country. Our solution incorporates the outside environment and a thermodynamic analysis of the building to determine optimal building layout, and implementation of HVAC equipment.

Scentsy Logo#5 – Scentsy Wax Warmer Design

Sponsor: Scentsy
Team: Jennifer Davlin, Kayla Flom, Preston Rouse, James Peterson
Advisor: Gus Engstrom
Mentors: Travis Dean, Cole Baird, Mark Sullivan
    Scentsy is an international company focused on creating scented wax for electric warmers as well as oil based diffusers. Scentsy is requiring the fabrication for prototypes of two specially designed warmers. The first is to modify their current style of wax warmers to include a line of warmers that project non-moving silhouettes onto a wall. This was achieved by incorporating the use of optics in an innovative way to both meet the design specifications and enhance the creativity of their warmers. The second requested project is to design an inexpensive wax warmer that incorporates an internal light effect that makes the consumer feel that they have a jar full of fireflies. This was accomplished by using a light source inside of a frosted Mason jar.

aceco logo#6 – Water Flush System

Sponsor: AceCo
Team: Antoine Abjean, Al Alshaikh, Antonio Marquez, Guillermo Najera, Jonathan Wargo
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
Mentor: Nathan House
    AceCo Precision Engineering produces plates for use in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. These plates have precision holes which are used to diffuse gas for material deposition on semiconductors. During manufacturing, debris and various contaminants can become lodged in these holes. AceCo seeks a system to flush water through these plates in order to more thoroughly clean these plates prior to being shipped to the customer.

Biomark Logo#7- 1 Fish, 2 Fish

Sponsor: Biomark
Team: Haidar Abdulkareem, Kelsey Breen, Zach Bullock, Josh Chambers, Hayden Quilter
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
Mentors: Brian Beckley, Heiden Bliss, Scott Gary
    Biomark, Inc. is a company that creates tags and equipment for tracking fish and wildlife. Biomark seeks a handheld device optimized for the aquaculture industry that allows only the use of Biomark tags. In order to maximize PIT tag sales, Biomark desires a unit that prevents tampering, inserts tags in a safe and timely manner, features a reusable needle, and avoids excess packaging waste.

coyote- design logo#8 – Magnetic Locking Mechanism for Below the Knee Prosthetics

Sponsor:  Coyote Designs
Team: Jacob Davlin, Aaron Grover, Osvaldo Lozoya, Joshua Morgan, Gregory Shover
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
Mentors: Matt Perkins, Jon Klemer
    Coyote Design, Inc. are innovative creators of orthotic and prosthetic devices. Coyote Design desires a magnetic locking mechanism for attachment of below the knee prosthetics to the residual limb. The magnetic locking mechanism will enable any client to easily attach or detach the prosthetic.

Idaho Power logo#9 – Fastener Integrity Project

Sponsor: Idaho Power Company
Team: Will Barnett, Alex Holt, Samuel Lundy, Ericka Ramirez
Advisor: Gus Engstrom, Joe Guarino
Mentor: Jud Parkin
    Idaho Power Company (IPC), an electrical utility servicing portions of eastern Oregon and southern Idaho, seeks to minimize the possibility of plate separation and thus a loss in conductivity in bolted bus connections. Our responsibilities are to test different torquing methods and determine the torque coefficient for for their particular application.

Image of the LambWeston logo#10 – Potato Decelerating Apparatus Project

Sponsor: Lamb Weston
Team: Holly Adam, Abdullah Ahmad, Alea Criswell, Conner Patricelli, Andrew Souza
Advisor: Gus Engstrom, Krishna Pakala
Mentor: Nick Hoaglin
   Lamb Weston is an industry pioneer and one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen potato products. Lamb Weston processes a multitudinous amount of potatoes a day for a variety of corporations and businesses. Due to the amount of potatoes needed to meet quotas, processing is at an all time high. Where the inlet speeds of these potatoes are coming in too fast to the initial part of processing. This is leading to an increase in the potatoes bruising before processing even starts. Team TATER is on the job to design an apparatus to help reduce the incoming velocity of the potatoes while maintaining the same inlet velocity. This maintains Lamb Weston’s current quota while reducing the damaged potatoes. The team designed a potato decelerator apparatus, or PDA, for Lamb Weston for which they could replace their current apparatus.

#11 – Internal Bicycle Transmission Shifter

Sponsor: 7B Dynamics
Team: Austin Cordel, Nick Demars, Marc Gamble, Alex Regner, Avi Steiner
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
Mentors: Jon Oellrich, Jason Swindle
    7B Dynamics has created an innovative internal transmission for a bicycle. We have been tasked with creating the device’s shifting mechanism. Our mechanism must move certain components within the transmission to specified locations in a specified amount of time.

Note that Computer Science teams are presenting the following projects:

#1 – Interfaith Sanctuary Donation Mobile App

#2 – Papaya Meal Planner

#3 – KRSView for agricultural data storage