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2018 Fall Senior Design Showcase

photo showing seniors working on filter project

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Fall 2018 Senior Design Showcase
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Welcome to our Fall Senior Design Showcase! The graduating seniors of December 2018 invite you to experience the exciting projects they’ve designed and fabricated in their capstone experience. Our seniors are ready and waiting to impress you with projects in agribusiness, refrigeration, manufacturing, entertainment, robotics, electric vehicles, heavy equipment, production efficiency, and education.

Potato Box Tipper1,4Group logo

Sponsor: 1,4GROUP
Team: Andre Boliiou, Jacob Horyza, AJ Lawrence, Rene Perez
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
    1,4 Group uses 3,000 lb. crates of potatoes for research in chemical sprouting inhibitors. These crates must be emptied at the end of the season into large bags. Our task is to build a device that dumps the potatoes out of the box without damaging them. 

Flash Freezer Baffle Redesign

Sponsor: Lamb WestonImage of the LambWeston logo
Team: Jonathan Harrold, Eric Nelson, Rocky Starks, Harrison Vashro
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
    Design of air baffle with an intended goal of increasing the production of an existing food processing line. The design focused on increasing heat transfer through optimizing the airflow through the product (fries).

Novel Adaptable Cooling System

Sponsor: Ramper InnovationsRamper Innovations logo
Team: Saleh Alqatari, Alexander Bell, Sean Nelson, Justin Smith, Jillian Walin
Advisors: Gus Engstrom, Dr. John Gardner, Dr Krishna Pakala
    Fresh fish in transit from Alaska to cities in the mainland deteriorate in quality when they wait on tarmacs at airports. In conjunction with Tim Fulton and Ramper Innovations, Team Cool developed a product that will alleviate the issue of overheating during these time periods. This product will exceed the solutions that exist on the market through the use of active refrigeration and portability. This project was greatly aided by our manager Gus Engstrom and faculty Dr. Krishna Pakala and Dr. John Gardner. 

Plastic Coil Cutter Crimper

Sponsor: Rhin-O-TuffRhin-O-Tuff logo
Team: Mohammad Alsubaie, Riley Browning, William Burdge, Joshua Jacobsen, Ronnie Sechrist
Advisors: Gus Engstrom
    Rhin-O-Tuff is a Boise-based company that designs and manufactures machines for binding paper products. The current designs to crimp plastic coil binding ends involve prohibitively expensive, automated machines or cheap, but inconvenient, hand-held tools. Rhin-O-Tuff requested a middle-ground solution to achieve more automation without the inconvenience of the hand tools at a lower cost. The design our team developed imitates the hand-tool mechanism while reducing the number of parts and streamlining the design for machining, and can be made hand-operated or electric-powered. The final design included protections from pinch points and use of more rigid materials to give the device a long service life. 

Rotating Dance Stage

Sponsor: Russ BuschertRuss Buschert text
Team: Isaac Trussell, Naser Alfadhli, Taylor Smith, Cameron Shoemaker, Tommy Montgomery 
Advisors: Gus Engstrom, Jeff Johnson (Johnson Thermal Systems), Mike Baltzell (Boise State Theatre Department) , Heath Hopkins (Johnson Thermal Systems)
   Russ Buschert approached the Bronco MBE team to design a rotating dance stage. The stage will be used by several local theatre companies and will be open for use by the community. A successful design will be safe, easily portable, rotate in both directions and can be utilize with any outlet available. The stage will provide an enhanced and dynamic experience for the audience and dancers. 

Robot End-of-Tool Adapter

Sponsor: House of DesignHouse of Design logo
Team: Carly Frank, Joseph Leckie, Theo Moodley, Kalli Otto, Bryon Wake
Advisors: Gus Engstrom, Joe Mason (House of Design), Ryan Okelberry (House of Design), Griff Allen (Boise State)
   House of Design is a robotics integration company located in Nampa, Idaho that specializes in integrating ABB industrial robots into manufacturing processes. The team was tasked with developing an adapter that interfaces between the end of a robot and an end of arm tool (EOAT). This device is intended to switch between two functions of the robotic arm; one that allows the robot to drive a tool rotation independent of the rest of the robot’s arm movement, and the other that allows the robot to maintain the orientation of a part while in motion. These functions are referred to as an “independent axis mode” and a “normal mode”, respectively. The design utilizes two electromagnetic clutches and machined components that control the switching between functions. The additional functionality provided by this device further enables the productivity of the robot and reduces the overall time of a given manufacturing process.
   Additionally, House of Design has tasked the team with the development of a device that can maintain the various cables and hoses feeding to the EOAT. This device must prevent damage, without compromising the functionality of the robot. The team has developed a variety of solutions that can be integrated for different cable formats. 

Gas Filter Production Line Improvement

Sponsor: Provair FiltrationPorvair Filtration logo
Team: Michelle Armenta, Drew Buckmiller, Braden King, Luke Schoensee
Advisors: Gus Engstrom, Jerry Young, Paul Nunes
    Porvair Filtration Group in Nampa, ID currently uses a manufacturing system for their 915 filter cores that have not been updated in over 15 years. General manager, Jerry Young, requested the services of Bronco MBE Team FILTER to enhance the manufacturing process. Our team identified bottlenecks in the current system, brainstormed possible improvements, validated possible proof of concept designs, prototyped full designs, and manufactured a complete and operational production system. The main bottlenecks identified were the heating and cooling of the molds for the filters. Improvements to these systems resulted in increased machine efficiency, cycle times, and overall production rates. The completed system will be implemented at Porvair manufacturing facility in Nampa, ID for full-time use producing cores for their 915 filters.

Mechanism for Dislodging Road Sander Belts

Sponsor: Ada County Highway DistrictAda County Highway District logo
Team: Kyle Brutke, Trevor Clausen, Riley McCoy, Drew Punnett
Advisors: Harold Ackler PhD, Gus Engstrom P.E.
    Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is seeking a cost effective and safe method for dislodging the belts on their sanding trucks. Their current method, although inexpensive, is very dangerous for the maintenance workers and only works on a portion of the trucks. Our proposed design addresses the problem of safety and usability while remaining inexpensive for ACHD. 

Frame Geometry of the Rear Clip

Sponsor: EKM, Ltd.EKM, Ltd. logo
Team: Jamie Adams, Ali Al Mubarak, Rick Moore. Andres Preciado
Advisors: John Schauer EKM, Gus Engstrom P.E.
    Electric/Hybrid Utility Vehicle – Alteration of the frame geometry to incorporate the use of portable removable generators into a UTV and a modular design for future models to attach to.

Thermal Expansion of Materials Experiment

Sponsor: Boise State Materials Science and Engineering ProgramBoise State MSMSE logo
Team: Ahmed Alghudheef, Tommy Goldberg, Alyssa Maher, Forrest Semancik, Jeffrey Yarnell
Advisors: Harold Ackler PhD, Gus Engstrom P.E.
    The team had been recruited to overhaul the Thermal Expansion Lab for the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department and create a new apparatus which demonstrates thermal expansion in an engaging way. Through research, design, and development the team has developed a table-top Furnace that allows students to calculate the experimental Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for up to 3 materials at a time using elongation of the rods and temperature. The resulting device is expected to be implemented into the curriculum for MSE 245L and MSE 280L as early as Spring 2019.

Note that Computer Science teams are presenting the following projects:

  • Dovetail Analytics for Ashby’s Cabinetry
  • CCP Tour App
  • CS Dept scheduling tool
  • StorageForage Mobile Application for iOS and Android
  • Fitness Games for Children
  • GREAT – Geologic Research E-File Automated Transferal
  • Predictable Ryde iOS Beacon App
  • Teaching a Toy Robot How to Speak
  • User Interface for Virtually Immersive Tours