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2015 Fall Senior Design Showcase

Image that says "Fabricate!" and "Department of mechanical and biomedical engineering"

Fall 2015 Senior Design Showcase
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to our second Fall Senior Design Showcase! The graduating seniors of December 2015 are pleased to invite you to learn about the exciting projects they have been designing and fabricating in their capstone experience. From healthcare to transportation, energy systems to agribusiness, recreation to rocketry, you’ll find students involved in creative problem solving of real-world problems.


Floating Hammock StandImage of the Hammock Logo

Sponsor: Lynn Catlin
Team: Corwin Delight, Jessica Honts, James Buongiovanni
     Our sponsor, Lynn Catlin, is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending time relaxing in his hammock. It was requested that we design a hammock stand for him that will float in water and can still be used on land. It is important that this stand is easy to transport, simple to set up, durable, easy to maintain and has a small storage footprint. The design was initially tested utilizing computer simulations along with hand calculations to verify the results. Physical tests were then performed on the stand joints that were the most likely to fail under the maximum load of 250 lbs. Flotation was achieved by using prefabricated inflatable pontoons, making it easy to transport and store while reducing total weight. The final design was selected with portability, strength, and comfort in mind.

High Power Rocket Motor Test Stand

Sponsor: Jason Budinoff, Visioneering LLC
Team: Tyler Hunt, Derek Cole, Danny Hopkins, Ahmad Alrabeean
     Visioneering LLC requested a device that would safely restrain high power rocket motors and aid in the design of future rocketry projects at Boise State University. A successful stand would restrain multiple motor sizes and record specific performance data. Existing test stands were evaluated and new ideas were generated. Using their machine design, statics, and dynamics experience, the team created a test stand which resists motion during firing, and an instrumentation system which gathers the desired data. A SolidWorks model was created to determine geometry, and ANSYS simulation software was used to verify strength under loading. The resulting test stand meets customer requirements by recording thrust vs time at a sampling rate of 1 kHz for up to 20 seconds, and accommodating up to N-class, 98×1200 mm high power motors.

Improved Cervical Dilator

Sponsor: Dr. Kevin Maas
Team: Nathan Kafka, Ben Meyer, Darling Gordillo, Daniel Ganger
     Dr. Maas is part of the field of reductive medicine in which procedures require access to the uterus through a dilated cervix. The cervix must be dilated anywhere from 5 to 11.5 mm, depending on the procedure. The current method of dilation involves the use of up to 15 tapered steel rods increasing in diameter. This method is inefficient, contains possible risks of perforation and trauma with each pass, and includes the possibility of over dilation. The ideal solution is a single instrument that accurately dilates the cervix within the required range of diameters, resulting in less trauma, quicker recovery, and increased safety.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changing SystemImage of the PowerWorks logo

Sponsor: PowerWorks
Team: Scott Hadlock, Colton Colbert, Shannon Wall, Nick Cordell, Cody Casteneda
     PowerWorks LLC is a renewable energy company that owns and operates wind turbine farms in Idaho and California. These turbines incorporate large gearboxes located in the nacelle, over 300 ft. off the ground, that require periodic oil changes. This project focused on the design of a fluid exchange trailer capable of performing these gearbox oil changes. Trailer functionality includes controls, gear oil transport between multiple fluid tanks and the gearbox, regulation of fluid temperature and filtration of fluids. PowerWorks will fabricate the final design, and will use the trailer to service turbines at their various wind farm locations.

Raw Product Sizer ImprovementImage of the ConAgra Foods logo

Sponsor:  ConAgra Foods/Lamb Weston
Team: Joshua Hirsch, Travis Pruitt, Nathaniel Lohmeier, Terrell McCormick
     ConAgra Foods utilizes raw product sizers to sort potatoes as they enter the plant from the field. These machines are subjected to very harsh conditions which lead to frequent mechanical failures. This causes recurring unplanned maintenance and related expenses which disrupt the overall process flow for the facility. The Bronco MBE RAW Team studied the equipment in operation and examined the failed components to develop an anatomy of failure. This analysis narrowed the team’s focus and kept concepts aligned with mitigation of the perceived failure modes.

York Torque Machine

Sponsor: Thomas and Julia York
Team: Adam Hull, Kyle Holthaus, Chris Breckenridge
     The Yorks have designed their version of an adjustable torque wrench for use with impact wrenches. They brought it to Senior Design Inc. to have the design reviewed and reengineered. Some of the current issues that need to be explored are the size and weight of the tool, and the need for expensive machining processes in the manufacturing of the first prototype. Additionally, the Yorks would like the reengineered tool to work with both a manual and powered direct drive wrench. We pursued these goals by dramatically simplifying the inner components of the torque wrench while still remaining within the original patent fence. Our end prototype should be lighter, easier to manufacture, and fully operational with a direct drive wrench.

Wind Turbine Emergency BrakeImage of the PowerWorks logo

Sponsor: PowerWorks
Team: Seth Miley, Logan Farley, John Everingham, Dayne Konrad, Nicholas Perez
     The PowerWorks 100kW turbine has a single aerodynamic braking system. If this system fails, the turbines can over-speed and cannot easily be stopped. An over-speed turbine puts unnecessary strain on other components of the turbine and in some cases can cause disastrous failure. We have been asked to design a braking system that can effectively stop the wind turbine in over-speed conditions. A successful design should be safe, easy to maintain, cost effective, self-actuating, and capable of sufficiently reducing or halting the rotation of the turbine.

Your Perfect Golf Swing

Sponsor: Jim Hunglemann, Sports Perfect LLC
Team: Brian Cline, Ross Poole, Jared Hergesheimer, Noelia Caloca
     Jim Hunglemann has envisioned a stationary apparatus that will allow golfers to perform relatively the same golf swing every time. The device will allow users to safely swing on a single plane around a central pivot point, and thus build muscle memory. The team approached the problem by designing a device that would meet all of the specifications while keeping in mind design simplicity and the user’s comfort. After many redesigns the team proposed the Spinal Rotator. This device allows users to rotate about their “torso axis” while having their shoulders guided in a prescribed position.