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Accelerated Master Degree

The Accelerated Master degree program gives outstanding bachelor’s degree students in Mechanical Engineering a “fast-track” option to pursue their graduate degree (Master of Science or Master of Engineering).  Interested students need to meet eligibility requirements and should apply in the second semester of their Junior year.  A description of the program and the application form are included below:

The deadline for applications is the second Friday of April (Spring semester) or second Friday of November (Fall semester). Please submit applications via the online form.

Accelerated Master Student Testimonials

“I chose to do the Accelerated Masters program, because I knew that I wanted to pursue a graduate degree, and that I had unfulfilled electives my Sr. year that could be filled with the graduate courses. Having heard that this would enable me to obtain my Masters degree within about a year after my undergraduate degree was very attractive. I could look at it with the mindset of elevating my bachelors degree to a masters degree with only about another year of commitment.”

“The biggest draw was the ability to complete my master’s 1 year after graduating with my bachelors, additionally, I was involved in research and because of that, it was a smooth transition into graduate school. Being able to ‘try out’ graduate school before committing to it is another advantage I saw.”

“I chose to do the Accelerated Masters program because it gave me the ability to advance my career aspirations while saving me a year of school. Another factor in choosing to do the Accelerated Masters was that I would not have to take the GRE.”

Program Contact Information

John Gardner, PhD, PE
Professor/Graduate Program Coordinator
Yanke Family Research Parke, Room 905

Ashley Holden
Administrative Assistant
Engineering Building, Room 201