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Course Plans

For written information about your individual plan, refer to the catalog you registered under. You can also look at course plan documents and elective options below:

Active Catalogs           Four Year Chart              Four Year Course Plan

2014-2015 Catalog                                                  MBE Course Plan & Flowchart 14-15 with core
2015-2016 Catalog                                                  MBE Course Plan & Flowchart 14-16 with core
2016-2017 Catalog        MBE Courses 16-17          MBE Course Plan & Flowchart 16-17 with core
2017-2018 Catalog        MBE Courses 17-18          MBE Course Plan & Flowchart 17-18 with core
2018-2019 Catalog        MBE Courses 17-18          MBE Course Plan 18-19
2019-2020 Catalog       MBE Courses 19-20         MBE Courses 19-20 (Accessible listing of courses)


Note: If you started prior to Fall 2014, your catalog has changed!

There are two resources that are essential to planning your schedule over the course of your academic career.

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

Most important is the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an online interactive tool that will allow you to track your progress toward graduation and help with your enrollment planning. The report displays the academic requirements for your program of study and indicates whether you have completed those requirements. The report provides course details about the courses that are available and the courses already taken. You can add courses directly from the AAR into your planner and shopping cart.

Log in to my.BoiseState and click on Student Center. Under Academics, click on the blue hyper-link “My Academics”, next to Academic Requirements, then click on “View my advisement report” link. To learn more about the AAR, how to generate it, and how to interpret it, refer to the FAQ page on the Registrar’s Page.

Degree Tracker

Degree Tracker is a tool for academic planning, available to students graduating under the 2014-15 catalog or after. (Students under an older catalog can still use the Degree Planner on This will allow you to determine more easily the courses you should take and which semesters they are offered, will alert you if you are missing a prerequisite, and will enable you to try out a number of scheduling scenarios to see which would work best for you. For more information on the Degree Tracker click here.