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Technical Electives

The 2018-2019 academic year promises great opportunities in our undergraduate level offerings. Check out the Fall courses below to build a challenging and exciting schedule.

  • ME 325 HVAC Principles
    Instructor: Lynn Catlin
    Heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications of thermodynamic and psychometric principles. Calculation of heating and cooling loads based on thermal comfort and design of processes and equipment that maintain desired indoor air quality. PREREQ: ENGR 320 or ME 302. COREQ: ME 330.
  • ME 360 System Modeling and Control
    Instructor: tbd
    Modeling and simulation of physical systems. Transfer functions, block diagrams, step responses and stability. Design of feedback control systems in the Laplace domain. May be taken for ECE or ME credit, but not both. PREREQ: MATH 333, PHYS 212.
  • ME 397 Intro to Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Instructor: Sin Ming Loo
    This introductory course will provide an overview of security: hardware, software, encryption, and physical security. It will include at least four major modules: introduction to system security, physical issues in security, hardware and firmware issues, and software and operating systems issues. PREREQUISITES: CS 117 or CS 121, PHYS 212, and MATH 187 or MATH 189 or MATH 360
  • ME 426 Renewable Energy Systems
    Instructor: John Gardner
    A survey of renewable energy systems including solar, wind, biomass, as compared to traditional electric power production and distribution. Technical, economic, and system integration issues are examined. PREREQ: ENGR 240, ENGR 320 or ME 302, ME 330.
  • ME 470 Finite Element Methods
    Instructor: Clare Fitzpatrick
    Theoretical development of finite element methods, solution algorithm formulation, and problem solving in stress analysis, heat transfer, and fluid flow. PREREQ: ENGR 220, ME 350, structured programming, and senior standing.
  • ME 472 Vibrations
    Instructor: Dan Deng
    Theory and methods for analysis of vibrating physical systems. Natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping, forced vibrations, and frequency-response functions are analyzed by using computer simulation. PREREQ: ENGR 220 and MATH 333.
  • ME 477 Biomaterials
    Instructor: Gunes Uzer
    Theory of biomaterials science. Medical and biological materials and their applications. Selection, properties, characterization, design and testing of materials used by or in living systems. May be taken for BIOL, ME, or MSE credit, but not from more than department. PREREQ: ENGR 245 or CHEM 112.
  • ME 479 Vertically Integrated Projects
    Vertically Integrated Projects unite undergraduate education and faculty research in a team-based context. There are 4 ME VIP projects next fall.

    • Autonomous Robotic Systems (Steve Swanson)
    • Microgravity (Steve Swanson)
    • Plasma Medicine (Jim Browning)
    • Shelter Lab (Lynn Catlin)
  • ME 488 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
    Instructor: Robert Ohlson
    Development and application of design methods for cost-effective and timely product manufacture and assembly. Concept, configuration, and parametric product design refinements evaluated with respect to alternative manufacturing and assembly processes. Case studies and design projects. PREREQ: ME 350, ME 105.

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