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Industrial Engineering Minor

The industrial engineering minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to: 1) provide training for engineering students on the design, optimization, and management of complex manufacturing and supply chain systems; 2) prepare engineering students with the tools needed to apply engineering concepts to issues faced by production, service, and supply chain organizations; 3) develop the analytical and managerial skills of engineering students in preparation for careers in industry.

Program Coordinator
Donna Llewellyn, Ph.D.


Information Technology and Supply Chain Management: Jim Kroes
Materials Science and Engineering: Megan Frary
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering: Don Plumlee

Industrial Engineering Minor

Course Number and Title Credits
CMGT 417 Project Scheduling or
SCM 435 Project Management
ENGR 120 Introduction to Engineering or
ENGR 130 Introduction to Engineering Applications
ENGR 360 Engineering Economy or
ENGR 425 The Business of Technology
MATH 360 Engineering Statistics or
MATH 361 Probability and Statistics I
SCM 345 Principles of Operations Management3
SCM 380 Quality Management and Lean Process Improvement3
One of the following engineering electives:
ME 464 Production Engineering
ME 478 Design and Analysis of Mechatronic Systems
ME 486 Human Factors Design
ME 488 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
MSE 215 Materials Processing
One of the following supply chain management electives:
SCM 366 Supply Chain Modeling
SCM 410 Logistics
SCM 420 Supply Chain Transportation and Distribution
Total 24-25

All courses used toward the Industrial Engineering minor must have a grade of C- or better.
SCM courses older than 5 years may not apply toward minor requirements.
2016-2017 catalog