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Professional Fees

What are professional fees?

Professional fees are applied for courses in disciplines that have higher costs to teach (specific equipment, software, licenses, consumables, etc.). They replace previous class fees and allow students to better predict the overall cost of their education. Click here for more details about the professional fees in the College of Engineering.

How does the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering use professional fees?

Students working in machine shop

Educational Support

Engineering is a challenging discipline that depends on highly technical instruction. Professional fees have been used to hire peer educators and course support assistants to ensure students have access to tutoring sessions, one-on-one assistance, and quick turn-around on feedback from assignments. The fees also fund equipment maintenance and replenish consumable materials for student projects.

Machine Shop

In planning with students, access to resources was strongly requested. In response, professional fees have been invested in enlarging the space of our student machine shop and increasing the capability and capacity of the facilities. Initial investments doubled the floor space of the shop and added additional equipment, collaboration space, and staffing. Our next phase anticipates replacement of our wind tunnel, expansion of the shop area, and added equipment.

Student Support

In addition to classroom instruction, we believe students benefit from experiential learning activities. A portion of professional fees are used to supplement funds for student organizations, undergraduate travel awards, and other expenses that contribute to student learning.

Departmental/Program Advancement

Our department recognizes that mechanical engineering is a broad field with innumerable career options. Professional fees aid us in providing exposure to speakers and activities in a variety of the disciplines mechanical engineers can pursue. This “value-added” commitment allows our students access to researchers, industry professionals, and professional development instruction that they can use to better prepare for a professional career after graduation.

graph of Professional Fees 18-19

Professional Fees 18-19