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Industry: Our Advisory Board

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The Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering’s Vision

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are a new model for a School of Materials Science and Engineering. Based on a strong foundation of interdisciplinary, radical collaboration, industrial support, and dynamic balance, our Vision is to be a leader of inclusive excellence, empowering world-class students to solve global challenges of enduring significance through materials innovation.

Industrial Advisory Board

The Materials Science and Engineering Industrial Advisory Board collaborates closely with the Department, College of Engineering, and University to facilitate the success of the Materials Science and Engineering Program at Boise State.

Industrial Advisory Board Goals

The Industrial Advisory Board Serves to:

  1. Promote the national and international reputation of,
  2. Promote the regional reputation of, and
  3. Provide advice and support to,

the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Board MembersMicron School of Materials Science and Engineering
Lucien Bouchard, IAB MemberLucien Bouchard - Photronics, Inc.
B.S. Mathematics, St. Michael’s College. A.S Electronics Engineering, New Hampshire Technical Institute. A.S Computer Networking, Champlain College.
Member since 2017

Lucien Bouchard is vice president of global accounts and applications engineering at Photronics, Inc., a semiconductor and flat panel display photomask company. He is responsible for the business development of advanced semiconductor accounts globally. His team of applications engineers is responsible for providing innovative solutions by evaluating advanced photomask materials, photoresists, and tools. Prior to working for Photronics, Lucien worked at IBM in Burlington Vermont, holding various positions in engineering and management.
Dan BranaganDan Branagan, Ph.D. - The NanoSteel Company
B.S. Metallurgy, Michigan Technological Institute. Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State.
Member Since 2016

Dr. Daniel Branagan is the founder and CTO of The NanoSteel Company, the world leader in nano-structured steel material designs. Prior to NanoSteel, Dr. Branagan was a research scientist at Idaho National Laboratory. Throughout his career he has focused on the development and commercialization of paradigm changing disruptive nanotechnology that transforms modern design and functionality. He has received numerous awards for his accomplishments as a top innovator. Dr. Branagan holds over 150 patents worldwide with another 150 patents pending and has been published in 100 peer reviewed journal and technical publications.
Nigel BrowningNigel Browning, Ph.D. - University of Liverpool
B.S. Physics, University of Reading. Ph.D. Physics, University of Cambridge.
Member Since 2016

Dr. Nigel Browning is a Professor in the School of Engineering and the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. Dr. Browning is an expert in S/TEM and TEM imaging. Previously, Dr.Browning held positions at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of California at Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Dianne ChongDianne Chong, Ph.D. - The Boeing Company (retired)
M.S. and Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering, University of Illinois. M.S., Manufacturing Management, Washington University.
Member Since 2016

Dr. Dianne Chong was vice president of research and technology in the Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology organization. She led special projects that impacted processes and program integration for the Boeing Enterprise. Dr. Chong previously served as the vice president of materials, manufacturing, structures and support, where she was responsible for the development and support of manufacturing processes and program integration. She has also served as director of Materials and Process Technology for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and in several other positions throughout her 28 year career at Boeing.
Jackie ForhanJackie Forhan - Global Foundries
B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University.
Member Since 2017

Jackie Forhan is a Supply Analyst at Global Foundries, a leading full-service semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company. She manages supply execution and supports manufacturing sites for a diverse set of customers and products in New York and Vermont. Jackie previously worked for IBM in Burlington, Vermont, holding various positions in supply chain, reliability engineering, and project management.
Grant-NortonGrant Norton, Ph.D. - Washington State University
Ph.D. Materials, Imperial College.
Member Since 2009

Dr. Grant Norton is a professor and dean of the Honors College in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University. Dr. Norton has served as associate dean of research and graduate programs for the College of Engineering and Architecture at WSU and was chair of the Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program. He joined WSU in 1991 after working for two multinational industrial companies in Europe. Dr. Norton is an expert in ceramic materials, nanotechnology, and clean technology.
Gurtej SandhuGurtej Sandhu, Ph.D. - Micron Technology
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology. Ph.D. Physics, University of North Carolina.
Member and Chair Since 2012

Dr. Gurtej Sandhu is a senior fellow and director at Micron Technology. He is responsible for Micron’s end-to-end (Si to Package) research and technology road maps. He drives cross-functional alignment across various departments, managing engineering groups to resource and execute on critical technology projects and manages interactions with research partners and consortia around the world. Dr. Sandhu has held a number of engineering and management roles at Micron and is actively involved in a broad range of process technologies for integrated circuit processing. He has pioneered several process technologies that are currently used in mainstream semiconductor chip manufacturing. Dr. Sandhu holds several hundred U.S. patents.
John SmythJohn Smythe, P.h.D. - Micron Technology
B.S., Ceramics Engineering, University of Washington. Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington.
Member Since 2017

Dr. John Smythe is a distinguished member of technical staff at Micron Technology. He has held various process technology positions at Micron since since 2002 and now works in technology development engineering. In this role, Dr. Smythe leads cross-functional teams that address critical process technology roadmap gaps. Dr. Smythe spent the previous 22 years at IBM, Fairchild, National Semiconductor and Zilog working in various aspects of semiconductor process technology, process integration, technology transfer, and mask tooling. Dr. Smythe holds over 50 U.S. Patents.
Richard WrightRichard Wright, Ph.D. - Idaho National Laboratory
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering, Michigan Technological University. M.B.A. Idaho State University.
Member Since 2004

Dr. Richard Wright is is one of the founding members of the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering's Industrial Advisory Board. Dr. Wright is an Idaho National Laboratory fellow and is the technical lead for the U.S. Department of Energy Advance Reactor Technologies High Temperature Metals research and development team. He is an expert in elevated temperature alloy characterization and qualification of materials for large scale power generation applications.