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Brand Approved Media

Image of the Boise State University College of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering logo

Why Do We Have Brand Guidelines?

In 1932, a group of students selected blue and orange as the school colors and the Bronco as the mascot. The B logo represents the future, forward-moving direction of the university. A well-designed brand has significant impact. It facilitates continuity in design as well as reference.

How Do We Refer to Boise State?

Did you know that the University should always be referred to by its proper name — Boise State University — as a first reference? Boise State is acceptable for second and subsequent references. Boise State should not be referred to as BSU. There are other BSUs, but only one Boise State University. Learn more about branding guidelines.


Check with the MSMSE program and marketing manager for guidance and support.

Dena Ross
Program and Marketing Manager

Media Templates

The Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering adheres to Boise State’s branding requirements. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the resources below to ensure band standards: