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General Purchasing Guidelines

  • Boise State contracts with certain vendors who provide office supplies, lab supplies, and equipment. These specific contracted vendors must be used for all purchases, unless they do not provide the item you are seeking.
  • Students and employees are not authorized to purchase items using their own funds for reimbursement, unless authorized to do so in advance.
  • Students and employees must use the appropriate forms to request items for purchase.
  • All purchases require primary investigator (PI) and Micron School of Material Science and Engineering (MSMSE) approval
  • Allow 2-3 days for the approval and purchasing process on orders under $3,000.00
  • Allow two weeks for the approval and purchasing process on orders over $3,000.00
  • Find out how the entire purchasing and approval process works 

Important Shipping Information – Hazardous Materials

Boise State requires that hazardous materials be shipped from campus by trained individuals only. Suzy Arnette, director – environmental health and safety is the only individual trained and authorized to ship hazardous materials. All employees must contact Suzy Arnette to arrange for shipping of hazardous materials well in advance of shipping needs.

Suzy Arnette, Director – Environmental Health and Safety

Contact the Dangerous Goods Hotline to find out if your shipment is considered to be a hazardous material 1.800.463.3339 Ext. 81 Option 4. If it is, you must contact Suzy Arnette for shipping. Avoid a fine of up to $25,000 or a toxic chemical leak during shipping!

Important Receiving Information – Hazardous Materials

College of Engineering academic offices are not authorized to receive hazardous materials on-site. The College’s safety officer picks up all hazardous materials directly from Central Receiving and delivers them directly to the requestor. Please work with Chris Siepert, lab safety specialist on receiving hazardous materials.

Chris Siepert, Lab Safety Specialist

Reference Materials

Purchase Request Forms

Forms for Primary Investigators to Complete for Purchases Over $10,000

  • Request for Bidding Exemption of Scientific Equipment for Research
    • PI completes this form and attaches is to the appropriate form listed above for purchase requests of $10,000 or greater, if the following applies:
      • Boise State Purchasing Policy #6130, Section V.F states that, in lieu of competitive bidding, and when not covered by a State open contract, negotiations may be conducted when the purchase is for experimental, developments, or research work, or for the manufacture or furnishing of property for experimentation, development, research, or test.
  • Request for Sole Source Form

    • PI completes this form and attaches is to the appropriate form listed above  for purchase requests of $10,000 or greater, if the following applies:
      • The Research Equipment Exemption Does Not Apply.
      • Boise State Purchasing Policy #6130, Section IV states that the determination to waive the competitive bid process may be made only by the University Purchasing Department. Any request by a department to restrict a purchase to one potential supplier must be accompanied by an explanation as to why no other item is suitable or that no other vendors exist to meet the need. A requirement for a particular proprietary item does not justify a sole source purchase if there is more than one potential source for that item. The University purchasing department shall conduct negotiations, as appropriate, to determine price, availability, and terms.