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Students at Seminar

Weekly Seminars on Topics of Interest in

Materials Science and Engineering

Fridays 10:30 – 11:20 am in Engineering Building 110

Open to the Public

DateSpeaker, Affiliation
01/20/17No Seminar
01/24/17 (Tuesday)Faculty Candidate Dr. Olga Ivanova - Lynntech, Inc.

Additive Manufacturing and Nanotechnology: Promises and Challenges
01/27/17Faculty Candidate Dr. Mark Wistey - University of Notre Dame

Is There Life After Silicon? Hybrid Integrated Materials for the Internet of Things
01/31/17 (Tuesday)Faculty Candidate Dr. Nick Bedford - Air Force Research Laboratory/UES Inc.

Nanocatalysts Design Using Peptide-Enabled Synthetic Routes and Atomic Scale Structural Characterization Methods
02/03/17Faculty Candidate Dr. Kaitlyn Crawford - Northwestern University

Flexible Sensors to Yield Thermal Properties of Skin, and a New Path to Polyolefin Elastomers
02/07/17 (Tuesday)Faculty Candidate Dr. Richard Wright - Idaho National Laboratory

Behavior of a Structural Alloy at Elevated Temperature
02/10/17Dr. John McDonald - Boise State University

Export Control Regulations and University Researchers
2/17/17Dr. Hu Zhang - Boise State University

Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect in Rare-Earth Based Intermetallic Materials
2/22/17 (Wednesday)Dr. Jorge Carrera - National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mathematical Modelling of Magnetic Shape Memory Materials: Part 1. Statement of the Problem. The Physical Setting from a Mathematical Point of View
2/24/17Dr. Arthur Scarritt - Boise State University

How Universities Selling a Broad Diversity Promotes Racism on Campus
03/03/17Dr. Shikar Sarin - Boise State University

Exploring Initial Applications for Novel Technologies
03/10/17Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez - Princeton University

Thermal Radiation at the Nanoscale: When Photons Come Packing Heat
03/17/17No Seminar
03/24/17No Seminar
03/31/17No Seminar
04/07/17Dr. Quanxi Jia - University at Buffalo

Rational Design and Control of Functionalities in Epitaxial Nanocomposite Films
04/14/17Dr. Bor Yann Liaw - Idaho National Laboratory

Energy Storage and Advanced Vehicles, Division of Renewable Energy and Transportation
04/21/17Dr. Richard Elliott - Boise State University

Modeling Pathogen Transmission in Vector-Based Disease: Malaria and the Zika Virus
04/28/17No Seminar

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