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Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering News

Why Study Materials Science? Computational Engineering.

1d_1610_042_003Dr. Lan Li and Dr. Eric Jankowski are Cultivating a Computational Engineering Advantage.

We are living in a digitally-driven and rapidly evolving society. Identifying innovative materials that promote a greener world is more important than ever. Materials scientists work closely with engineers, physicists, and chemists, to discover and develop materials that have significant impact on our global society. While research can often take several years to develop, computational modeling techniques can accelerate the timeline and provide better materials sooner rather than later. The Micron School of Materials Science recognizes the computational leading edge.

The Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering leverages the extensive knowledge of two experts in computational modeling, Dr. Lan Li and Dr. Eric Jankowski, to create a robust curriculum that incorporates computational modeling techniques throughout. Dr. Jankowski talks about his research in his new book “Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing.” Dr. Li has developed materials modeling projects that provide active learning opportunities. Together, their National Science Foundation-supported efforts help train a digitally literate engineering workforce.

Are You Interested in Computational Modeling?

If so, materials science might be your field of study. Coursework at Boise State builds on computational concepts from freshman to senior level. Students begin by automating repetitive tasks. Experience continues with data analysis and visualization skills, and progresses to investigating advanced materials modeling techniques. This computational core allows students the ability to maximize their real-world contributions. Whether it is launching a new big data materials start-up, working for a leading semiconductor manufacturer, or pursuing graduate school, students with advanced computational skills have what it takes to succeed. Are you ready to contribute to the digital future? YOU can design materials for higher performance, lower cost, and better environmental sustainability. Apply for admission!

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