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Center & Lab Directory

College of Engineering (COEN) faculty researchers conduct wide-ranging science and education studies, often with participation from students, colleagues at Boise State and other universities, university affiliates, industry, and entrepreneurs. Here you can find research buildings and service centers, with laboratories listed by department, and interdisciplinary research labs cross-listed. Search Tip: To search the whole page at once with your browser Find feature, click each of the plus signs (+) below to open these areas to the search.

Our Research Buildings

We primarily conduct research in the buildings: [1] Environmental Research (ERB), [2] Harry Morrison Civil Engineering (HML), [3] Charles P. Ruch Engineering (ENGR), and [4] Micron Engineering Center (MEC). We also use the campus Multipurpose Classroom building (MPCB), as well as City Center Plaza (CCP) in downtown Boise.
For academic lab and computing resources, see Engineering Computer Labs and Teaching Consoles.
Image of the Boise State College of Engineering core campus from an aerial view

Service Centers & Core Facilities

Open to university faculty, affiliates, industry, and entrepreneurs. Nominal fees may apply.
Boise State Center for Materials CharacterizationMEC 113Rick Ubic
Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
A research-education partnership between Boise State, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, the University of Wyoming, private industry, and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Multi-institutionalHarold Blackman
..... CAES Microscopy and Characterization SuiteIdaho Falls, IDHarold Blackman
Cyber-Physical Systems Security @ Boise State University RUCH 240Sin Ming Loo
Idaho Microfabrication LabRUCH 105, 107Peter Miranda

Civil Engineering (CE)

CE Department Research Overview
Advanced Transportation Management LabERB 3100Mandar Khanal
Air Quality Lab ERB 4102Sondra Miller
Sustainable and Resilient Geotechnical
Engineering Lab
ERB 4108Bhaskar Chittoori
Clean Soils LabERB 3104Arvin Farid
MicroMechanics & Smart Infrastructure LabERB 4108Yang Lu
Pavement and Railroad Engineering LabERB 3106Deb Mishra