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Chemical Management

Note: Items accompanied by CP indicate Critical Policies that must be followed; be sure you read and understand them.

COEN Chemical and Compressed Gas Ordering Process– CP

Here you will find information on:

  • COEN Chemical and Compressed Gas Order Forms- CP
  • What Chemical Orders Can Be Placed Directly By The User?- CP

Storing and Using Chemicals

Chemical Hygiene Plan 2014– CP

Incompatible Chemical Storage Checklist- CP

Chemical Labels– CP

Performing A Chemical Inventory

Performing A Chemical Inventory (Why, When, What)- CP

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Records

Here you will find information on the following:

  • What Is an SDS?
  • What Chemicals Need an SDS?
  • Where Do I Find an SDS?
  • Important Points on Ensuring You Have the Correct SDS- CP
  • How To Maintain SDS Records For Your Lab or Facility- CP

Chemical Waste Pickup and Expired Chemical

COEN Safety Committee policy for expired chemicals– CP

Chemical Waste Pickup– CP

If You Need to Ship Chemicals/Hazardous Substances– CP 

Please contact the COEN Safety Liaison if you have any questions or comments relating to safety in the college or content on this website.