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COEN Student Shop

image of College of Engineering Student ShopWelcome to the College of Engineering Student Shop website. Our student shop is located in the HML building and supports simple parts fabrication,  machining  (including CNC), welding and painting. The shop is open to students, faculty and staff to work on school-related projects. However, users must complete training associated with the various shop tools before they will be allowed to use them. Students working on academic projects will be given a priority over others.

More information can be found by clicking on the links below.

Shop Supervisor and Contact Information    image of equipment in the College of Engineering Student Shop

The shop will have a supervisor that is available during all posted shop hours. Students may not use the shop unless the supervisor is available to admit them to the shop. The role of the supervisor is as much a mentor role as it is to provided oversight. Don’t hesitate to ask the supervisor for help if you have questions.

Contact Us:

If you have any general questions about the Student Shop general operations or enrollment, contact:

Griff Allen:
Paul Robertson at  426-5932 /

If you have questions about shop safety or this website, contact Chris Siepert at 426-3913 /

Shop Hours

Monday:        8am-8pm
Tuesday:        8am-8pm
Wednesday:  8am-8pm
Thursday:      8am-8pm
Friday:           8am-8pmImage of The College of Engineering Student Shop Equipment
Saturday:       8am-12pm
Sunday:         Closed

Additional shop hours may be possible; discuss the need for shop hours outside of these posted hours with the shop supervisor.

Shop Rules and Name Tags

All users of the student shop must be familiar and obey the shop rules. Those who do not obey the shop rules will lose shop privileges.  The shop rules can be found here and also on the Blackboard training site.

Students must first login to the PC that is located at then entrance to the shop. A virtual shop name tag will be displayed at the entrance and inside the shop. The virtual name tag will show what colored tags the user has training for. If a user is found using a tool outside of the tag area(s) they are trained for, they will be promptly escorted out of the shop. See below for more information on how the color tags work.

Enrolling in Student Shop Training Course

Student shop training is administered through a Blackboard site.  In order to use the shop, students must College of Engineering Student Shop equipmentfirst contact the shop supervisor and provide their BroncoWeb login name so that they can be enrolled in the shop training. The supervisor will notify you when you have been enrolled in the course in Blackboard. Written and video training will be delivered through the Student Shop Blackboard site.

Required Training and Colored “Tags”

 Training is broken down into three categories or “tags”. Once enrolled, students will review the assignments for the tag in question and complete the training. Hands-on training will also be required for some tools, such as the drill press & horizontal bandsaw, lathe, mill and welders. Note that a student does not require training in all tags, but must have training in the tag areas for tools they wish to use.

White Tag Only:

For users that seek only to use hand tools, they must take the General Shop Training, which consists of reading the shop rules, understand shop waste practices, and signing a document that says they have read and understand them. If the user expects to use the shop multiple times, they will be enrolled into the Shop Course and receive a virtual name tag without colored tags.

Blue Tag

The blue tag training allows users access to power tools and machinery that are used in simple parts fabrication.  These tools are located in HML 112 and in the HML high bay area just outside HML 112. A user must have the blue tag to use the:

      • drill press
      • horizontal bandsaw
      • vertical bandsaw
      • belt sander
      • pedestal grinder
      • sheet metal shear
      • sheet metal brake

Orange Tag:

The orange tag training allows users access to the tools in HML 113, which include mills (one with CNC capability),  lathes, and a drill  press. A user must have the orange tag to use the:

      • lathes (Jet, Monarch, Sharp, Red & Tida)
      • mills (Sharp manual and CNC mills)

Green Tag:

The green tag training allows access to the welding equipment in HML 112. A user must have a green tag to use the:

      • TIG welder
      • MIG welder
      • Arc welder
      • CNC & Hand-held plasma

Please contact the COEN Safety Liaison if you have any questions or comments relating to safety in the college or content on this website.