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Shane K. Panter

Office location

  • Boise State University
  • 777 Main street RM 246
  • Boise, ID 83725

Contact Info

  • Office phone: (208) 426-3317
  • CS Department phone: (208) 426-5766
  • Email: shanepanter (at) boisestate (dot) edu

Course Information

I am the course coordinator and point of contact for the following courses. 

CS 117 C++ FOR ENGINEERS (3-0-3)(F,S). An introductory course in computer programming using C++. Topics include: scalar types; aggregate types; pointers and reference types; statements; expressions; functions; libraries; and a brief introduction to classes, objects, and overloading. Emphasis is on: development, compilation, debugging, and execution of complete programs implementing given algorithms for numerical, scientific, and engineering applications. PREREQ: MATH 170.

CS-HU 250 Introduction to Version Control (1-0-1)(F,S). Introduction to the central ideas, practices, and day to day usage of software version control. Brief history with practical examples using Git, Mercurial, or Subversion. Basic client side usage such as committing, branching, merging, pull-request as well as more advanced usage. Server side operations such as commit hooks and toolchain integrations will be explored. A Hatchery Unit (HU) course is a short course to develop specific professional skills for computer science. PREREQ: CS-HU 153.

CS 481 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT (0-6-3)(F,S)(FF). Capstone experience designing, implementing, and testing an assigned open source software artifact. Students report progress via documentation, meetings and demos. Class concludes with a presentation and demonstration of the completed product to students, faculty and project sponsors. Topics include teamwork, communication, ethics, project management, tools, design, verification and validation. PREREQ: CS 471.