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Casey Kennington, Computer Science, faculty/staff, studio portrait, Priscilla Grover photo

Casey Kennington, PhD is the hairless leader / assistant professor of the SLIM group. He completed his PhD at Bielefeld University, his masters’ in the EM-LCT program at Saarland University and Nancy 2 University (now Lorraine University) and his bachelor’s in computer science at Brigham Young University. He likes running, biking, and language.

Aprajita Shukla wanted to work on some ‘fun’ machine learning projects for her master’s and chose NLP. Her master’s thesis was on conversational grounding in chatbots implemented through incremental processing. It exposed her to aspects of computer science that she had not previously worked on – user studies, HCI, Psychology and the cognitive sciences and took a liking to those fields. That is when two things happened simultaneously-first, the thought of getting a doctorate struck her and second, she learned about CAST – an NSF funded project that aims to build a Child Adaptive Search Tool which will prompt research synergies among fields (HCI, IR, and NLP) traditionally considered in isolation to yield a practical advancement in children’s search. She saw that it was well aligned with her interests so she applied promptly and is now pursuing her PhD. As she has always loved the idea of applying technology to help people in big ways, she now spends most of her time doing what she loves.

Daniele Moro is a Senior studying Computer Science at Boise State. After completing a research internship at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, he grew fascinated by the potential for natural language processing and computer vision to unlock general artificial intelligence. Over the past two years, Daniele has researched multimodal grounding, semantic composition, and robotics, publishing over four papers, becoming a CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist, and being awarded the Goldwater Scholarship. As a student leader, Daniele led the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student branch and founded the AI Club, allowing him to become a Kleiner Perkins Fellow in Silicon Valley. Most recently, Daniele interned at Google, where he researched quantized application-specific machine learning models for saliency detection on video codecs.

David McNeill is researching Machine Learning models and their applications in a social robot. He has published research in Natural Language Processing, Human-Robot Interaction, Information Retrieval, and Recommender Systems. He is in his second year of the M.S. in Computer Science at Boise State, where he is working on his thesis, and attempting to answer the question: What is the ideal behavior for a robot that is being taught how to speak by interacting with a human?

Jake Carns finished his Bachelors in Computer Science at Boise State and is currently working on his Master’s in CS. Jake has spent 6 years working in Information Technology as a Systems Administrator for a medical billing and coding company. Interested in data science, machine learning, and natural language processing, he is currently working to understand and improve technologies in the healthcare setting. He likes reading, hiking, and snowboarding.

Gerardo Caracas is a full-time employee at Kount in the AI team; he is also studying a Master’s in C.S. with emphasis in AI which he intends to graduate in 2020. He enjoys working in robotics and neural networks. His current research is to understand better how human emotions can be interpreted by a machine using NLP techniques.


Alumni of the SLIM Group have gone onto the EM-LCT Master’s program, fellowships at Google, Bastian Solitions, Syntel, among others.

Alex Mussell – Undergraduate RA who worked on the psi framework for SLIM multimodal lab
Sam Schrader – Master’s student who worked on generating image representations for lexical semantics
Andrew Rafla – Master’s student who worked on incrmentalizing the RASA NLU  software toolkit
Kiran Thapa – Master’s student who worked on the streetview/meetup project
Justin Garrard – Undergraduate RA who worked on the streetview project
Dan Kondratyuk – Undergraduate RA who worked on the Augi project
Sarah Plane – Undergraduate RA who worked on Cozmo
Ariel Marvasti – Undergraduate RA who worked on Cozmo and topic modeling
Tyler Egan – Undergraduate RA who worked on our SLIM multimodal lab