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Casey Kennington, Computer Science, faculty/staff, studio portrait, Priscilla Grover photo

Casey Kennington, PhD is the hairless leader / assistant professor of the SLIM group. He completed his PhD at Bielefeld University, his masters’ in the EM-LCT program at Saarland University and Nancy 2 University (now Lorraine University) and his bachelor’s in computer science at Brigham Young University. He likes running, biking, and language.


Aprajita Shukla¬†is working on her Master’s in Computer Science at Boise State. She is from India, and is working on improving Spoken Dialogue Systems using machine learning and improved user interfaces.¬†Quote: “May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.


Daniele Moro is an undergraduate student at Boise State University studying Computer Science with a minor in Applied Mathematics. After completing a summer research internship at Carnegie Mellon University where he created a neural network to control a soft robotic hand, he discovered that he is fascinated by technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and human computer interaction. Daniele leads the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student branch at BSU and enjoys watching Star Trek.


David McNeill is an (aspiring) Data Scientist who is in his first year of Boise State’s MS in CS program. He has a background in education, but instead of teaching human children these days you can find him training embodied machines (robots!) how to use language based on data collected from their very own “senses.” He believes that by giving people and their machines a common ground in communication, this research can allow more — and more kinds — of people to use the increasingly sophisticated tools that surround us in our daily lives.


Jake Carns finished his Bachelors in Computer Science at Boise State and is currently working on his Master’s in CS. Jake has spent 6 years working in Information Technology as a Systems Administrator for a medical billing and coding company. Interested in data science, machine learning, and natural language processing, he is currently working to understand and improve technologies in the healthcare setting. He likes reading, hiking, and snowboarding.


Andrew Rafla is a Master’s Computer Science student and Student-Athlete who received his B.S. in Computer Science with a double minor in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Boise State in 2018. He is currently working on a project in the field of Natural Language Processing improving upon an open-source Spoken Dialogue System.


Gerardo Caracasworks at Kount inc., He is originally from Mexico City where he studied Cybernetic Engineering. He looks forward on contributing as a part time student in the area of AI research at BSU


An educator in Japan and America turned AI researcher and master’s student, Sam is working in semantics (specifically methodologies of encoding semantics into AI systems), deep learning, NLP, and machine learning. Sam enjoys family, friends, food, and pretending that he can compete at ninja warrior.


Kiran Thapa – Master’s student who worked on the streetview/meetup project
Justin Garrard – Undergraduate RA who worked on the streetview project
Dan Kondratyuk – Undergraduate RA who worked on the Augi project
Sarah Plane – Undergraduate RA who worked on Cozmo
Ariel Marvasti – Undergraduate RA who worked on Cozmo and topic modeling
Tyler Egan – Undergraduate RA who worked on our SLIM multimodal lab