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EE 436 / EE 536- Digital Systems Rapid Prototyping (Spring 2006)

Instructor:   Dr. S. M. Loo
Office:   MEC 202E
Phone:   (208) 426-5679
Office hours:    Tuesday and Friday 9am to 11am, or by appointment
Contact Info.:    by phone, by email: (

Catalog Description:
Use of hardware description languages and hardware programming languages as a practical means to simulate/implement hybrid sequential and combinational designs. Rapid prototyping techniques will be utilized during the implementation. This course focuses upon the actual design and implementation of sizeable digital design problems using the most up-to-date industry Computer Aided Design (Xilinx ISE, Xilinx EDK, etc.) tools and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays.

Required text: Wayne Wolf, FPGA Based System Design, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-142461-0, 2004

Class/Laboratory Schedule:
Lecture/Discussion/Lab: 3 hours/week

Time and Place:
TuTh 4:40PM to 6:55PM, MEC 311 (lecture/presentation), MEC 311 (Lab)

Course web page:


EE 430 or EE 530, hardware description language (VHDL or Verilog), or permission of instructor

     Laboratory/Course work – 20%
Project – 50%
Quiz/In-Class Presentation – 30%

Note and disclaimers:
There will be rough spots. Question and comments are expected and encouraged.