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ENGR 240 – Introduction to Electric Circuits (Fall 2004)

Instructor:   Dr. S. M. Loo
Office:   MEC 202E
Phone:   (208)426-5679
Office hours:    MW 1:30pm to 3:30pm, or by appointment
Contact Info.:    by phone, by email

Saturday and Sunday Help Sessions: 4-5:30pm in MEC 114.
Previous Semester’s Materials: Fall 2003, Spring 2004
Previous Semester’s Finals: Fall 2003, Spring 2004


Course Evaluation: link to course evaluation

Course Syllabus: syllabus (PDF)

Credit Hours:

ENGR 120, MATH 170, MATH 175, MATH 333

Fundamental laws, basic network analysis, and circuit theorems. Capacitors, inductors, and operational-amplifier circuits. First- second-order circuits. Sinusoidal steady-state analysis of AC circuits. Introduction to computer-aided circuit simulation.