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More than 80% of the undergraduates in the College of Engineering at Boise State participate in internships or hold paid jobs in our research labs while they are in school. This unprecedented level of access is part of our hands-on approach to studying engineering. Check out the service learning website to see the amazing projects completed by students in the Introduction to Engineering class – and most of them are freshman. Because of these amazing opportunities to combine learning and working, our undergraduates are being offered prestigious internships and co-op opportunities at places like the Johnson Space Center, Sandia National Lab, and the Langley Aerospace Center. Once they graduate, students are continuing their studies towards master’s degrees and Ph.D’s at places like the bioengineering program at Cal Tech and the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign.

Engineering Safety Website – Student machine shop safety manuals

Guidelines for Funding Proposals to Dean’s Office

Graduate Certificate in Secondary Teaching for Engineers

Graduate Student Information
This page presents information relevant to current and prospective graduate students.

  Scholarships / Graduate Student Fellowships
Depending on your academic performance (GPA) and/or your financial status, you could qualify for generic or program-specific scholarships to help you with tuition and fees.

Find internships that offer both financial support and career enhancing opportunities.

Career Resources
These resources provide you with resume, cover letter and interviewing guidelines and examples for engineers and computer scientists.

Service Learning Fuse: Real-World Engineering Design.

General Engineering FAQs