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Graduate Certificate in Secondary Teaching for Engineers

Always wanted to teach high school or junior high? Engineering students and professionals can earn Idaho secondary teaching certification through the Graduate Certificate program, often with just one additional year beyond their BS degree.

View information on the Graduate Certificate program.
Summary of Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in an engineering field
  • Apply to the Graduate Certificate program, see link above. This may be either after years of experience as an engineer or shortly after completion of their bachelors degree or in the final year of their BS program
  • Students will need to take an adequate number of courses in their major field of interest (generally 45 semester credit hours is necessary to be certified as a major field)
  • 30 credits in the desired major field is necessary (if the candidate also has a 20 hour minor certification field)  Note: The major/minor option is desirable because it increases the candidates’ marketability.
  • The Graduate Teaching certificate program is designed to be completed in a summer plus a fall and spring semester (one calendar year) of full time study.

A 3.0 overall GPA or 3.0 in the last two years of study is required PLUS a 2.75 in all courses used for each certification field.

Degree Specific Matches

The following hyperlinks may be used as a guide for meeting the requirements for the respective certifications. They are based on the curricula for the engineering majors at BSU. Engineers earning degrees from other universities should use this as a guide to indicate which courses are likely to count towards which certifications and a final decision will be made by the professor overseeing the Graduate Certificate program.

For engineers the certification fields that are easiest and most appropriate for them to pursue, based on their major, include:

Civil Engineering:  Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics
Computer Science:   Mathematics
Electrical Engineering:  Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics
Material Science and Engineering:  Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics
Mechanical Engineering:  Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics

Application Procedures:

  1. In each of these fields there are certain courses that the student must have taken to be eligible to get teaching certification. Undergraduate engineering students should plan to take these concurrently with the courses required for their BS degree. Returning professionals are encouraged to complete these courses before they apply for the Graduate Certificate program, although in some circumstances they can plan to pick up the missing courses concurrently with the certificate study year.
  2. Engineers entering this Graduate Teaching Certificate program are eligible for the Noyce scholarships which can substantially offset the costs of study during that graduate certificate year.

View information on the need for teachers in Math and Science.

View information on the Graduate Certificate program.