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Welcome to the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Boise State University section!

Our mission is to encourage and support women to achieve their goals as engineers and leaders through volunteer and community outreach, creating a support structure on campus, providing resources to prepare for a career in the STEM fields, to teach skills that will benefit all members, and to have fun. Please join us and learn what SWE has to offer! 

To learn about events and meetings with our local section (Region J067) please join through the following link:

LOCAL MEMBERSHIP   * Choose a community: Boise State University  * Sign in with your campus ID.  * Type a short explanation of your interest in joining SWE, then hit the JOIN button.  * Approval can take up to 24 hours.To be consideration for leadership positions, SWE sponsored scholarships, and conference travel please also join the national section through the following link:

NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP   * Click Join.  * After clicking Join, it will direct you to a new tab.  * On new open page click on, Become a Member (Non-member).  * Follow on screen directions. NOTE: There are three options! (a)Collegiate to Career (C2C)   (b)Collegiate   (c)Joint

Please read though your options to ensure you find the best membership to suit your needs. Review options here: