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Request a Functionality Change

Need to Request a WordPress Functionality Change?

If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss your change request and the options available to you, please contact Michele Armstrong. To recommend changes to WordPress editing functionality or other website enhancing features, contact Michele Armstrong.

How are Functionality Enhancement Requests Processed?

Each change request will be logged in electronic format via ticket system ( or to  The request will be evaluated (and if approved), will then be tested in a WordPress development environment.  Changes that pass the testing cycle will be implemented in production and announced to the COEN community via the newsletter.

All requests will be evaluated based off the following criteria:

The proposed scope of the functionality change:  will this change improve the website or the website’s editing features for all users, or just a small group of people (less than five)?  Changes that benefit all website users and authors will have the best chance of being approved for implementation.

Is the functionality change available by configuring or utilizing existing resources and/or software, or does it require additional coding or installation of plugins?  Any changes requiring additional software or plugins to be installed must be evaluated on the development site to test for software compatibility prior to implementation in the production or ‘live’ environment.  Any changes that disable or break other functionality in the development environment will not be implemented in production.

If the change involves a plugin, which plugin should be used?  There may be several (if not hundreds) of available plugins to enhance a certain function.  The most highly rated of these plugins in the WordPress community should be selected over those that have not been implemented as often, are older than 1 year, or seem to have poor ratings in the WP community.

Sometimes the requested change may only be available through software that must be purchased.   If this is the case, please provide your department code to facilitate the purchase.  Once purchased the plugin or software will be tested for compatibility with the existing WordPress configuration (or if available, a free trial download will be tested prior to the software purchase).

Things to Consider When Requesting Functionality Changes

All functionality changes are to be reviewed with best web server support business practices in mind.  This includes evaluating changes that affect the system’s security, or changes that potentially introduce vulnerabilities to the WordPress server itself. Preserving the system’s security takes priority over any additional coding, plugins, or software changes.

No plugins or software will be installed unless tested in the development environment first.

WordPress, Plugins and the server operating system software all periodically must be updated.  This means that after updates any of the functionality could cease working, behave differently, or break other plugins via a conflict.  When updates create application or plugin conflicts, sometimes plugins need to be removed or replaced with different plugins.  There’s no guarantee that an existing plugin will work the same way alongside other plugins or applications when updated/upgraded.

If there is enough global interest in various enhancement features within the WordPress community the enhancement will be available in future releases.