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Image of kids laying on the ground with a wind turbine bladeBoise State is proud to be one of six Wind Application Centers in the nation supporting Wind Powering America’s Wind for Schools program.

The Boise State College of Engineering (COEN) has been involved in wind energy research since 2002.  Research partners include the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Powering America, Bonneville Power Administration, Idaho National Lab, Idaho Power Company, John Deere Renewable Energy, PowerWorks LLC, Renaissance Engineering & Design and private donors.  That research has carried over into the classroom and led to senior design projects in both the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines.

Idaho’s anemometer loan program began in 2001 as collaboration between Wind Powering America (WPA), Idaho Department of Water Resources Energy Division, which is now the Idaho Office of Energy Resources (IOER), and Idaho National Lab (INL).  Boise State’s Wind Application Center became an official partner in 2008, assisting in collecting, analyzing and posting met-data. Data collected and analyzed since July 2008 is posted on the BSU WAC.