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Boise State Alumni in Wind Energy

J. Lars Dorr

BS Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2003
MS Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, University of California-Davis, 2004
Senior Project Development Manager, Acciona Energy North America Corporation

Image of J. Lars Dorr in front of windmills in the foothillsLars left his position as a nuclear engineer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to pursue his passion for renewable energy as a part owner of Lewandowski Farms, Idaho’s first commercial wind project. While learning first-hand the operations and maintenance of the three Micon 108 wind turbines at Lewandowski Farms, Lars was also involved with the installation, troubleshooting and commissioning of two 50 kW Entegrity wind turbines at Synthetic Energy’s commercial wind-to-hydrogen plant located near Boise, Idaho.

Lars’ experience in utility-scale wind project development began with Exergy Development Group in Boise, ID. There he worked on a portfolio of projects totaling approximately 180MW which are estimated to complete construction in 2010-2011 and he was also involved in other greenfield project development. Next, Lars had the privilege to work with Eurus Energy America Corporation where he was involved with the development, construction, and operations of the 180MW Bull Creek Wind project in Texas and as project manager for the 63MW Combine Hills II project in Oregon. Currently, Lars works with Acciona Energy North America Corporation where he is responsible for both wind and solar project development, with a focus on the WECC and ERCOT markets.

Lars’ background in engineering has afforded him a proficient understanding of the technical aspects of developing a wind project. Additionally, through his business experience he has cultivated an appreciation of the complete project lifecycle including site control, resource analysis, interconnection and transmission, environmental studies, permitting, power purchase negotiations, turbine procurement, engineering and design, construction, financing, and operations.

US Department of Energy Wind Powering America – Carpe Ventum “Seize the Wind” Award 2007

J. Lars Dorr
Acciona Energy North America Corporation
333 W. Wacker Dr, Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60606
Direct: (208) 806-1014 Main: (312) 673-3000
Acciona Energy North America Corporation website


Melissa (Ray) Elkinton

BS Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2003
MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 2007
Garrad Hassan America, Inc

Image of Melissa (Ray) Elkinton next to a waterfallAfter working on a wind-energy Senior Design Project at Boise State, Melissa continued her wind-research at the University of Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Research Laboratory.  In addition to research related to wind shear in various terrains and wind power for sustainable housing developments, Melissa also worked to provide technical advice to New England communities interested in local wind power.  In this capacity, Melissa provided preliminary feasibility studies and also support in interpreting technical documents.  Now at Garrad Hassan America, Melissa works as an independent engineering consultant analyzing wind energy projects for clients across the county.  She is also the engineer who provides technical support, training, and sales in the United States of GH WindFarmer, a versatile wind farm analysis

Image of the Garrad Hassan logoMelissa Elkinton
Garrad Hassan America, Inc.
333 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97204, USA
Tel: +1 503-222-5590 x105 / Fax: +1 503-224-3563
Garrah Hassan website

Jared Grover

Masters of Accountancy-Taxation, Boise State University, 2005
WindVestments, LLC – owner/founder

Prior to attending BSU, Jared owned and operated a farming operation in Idaho, and was a member of the Energy Committee of the Bell Rapids Mutual Irrigation Company.  The Energy Committee was designed to investigate and recommend solutions regarding electrical efficiency improvements, wind resource assessment, generation proposals, and negotiate long term electrical purchases.

Shortly after graduating from Boise State, Jared created WindVestments, LLC and developed the Cassia Wind Farm (10 MW) and the Cassia Gulch Wind Park (18.9 MW).   Duties included resource assessment, county/state/federal permits & applications, easement negotiations, bids, feasibility studies, interconnection application requests, power purchase negotiations/settlements, financing & investor relations, and involvement in several filings before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.   A highlight was when, after considerable negotiations, the utility agreed to allow  use of the utilities backbone network on a “conditional firm” basis, saving his and other projects over $45 million in upgrades.   With plans to move to China, Jared negotiated and sold his ownership of the projects to a subsidiary of John Deere Inc.

Jared, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and his family of 5 currently live in China, where he is involved in developing and providing financing/valuation services for wind projects in Jiangsu & Heilongjiang Provinces.   He is also involved in developing a hydro pump storage project.

Todd Haynes

BS Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2003
ME Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2007
Mechanical Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory
Image of Todd HaynesTodd joined Idaho National Laboratory’s conventional renewable energy team in October 2010, where he works on wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal research projects.

Todd’s wind-energy experience includes: participated in and managed Boise State’s wind-energy research programs for 4 years; developed criteria to prioritize State Anemometer Loan Program applications at the Idaho Energy Division; worked as a renewable energy consulting engineer at Renaissance Engineering & Design, which included development of the world’s first commercial wind-to-hydrogen; along with 4 partners purchased Lewandowski Farms, Idaho’s first commercial wind project and repaired the Micon 108 wind turbines to operational condition.

US Department of Energy Wind Powering America – Carpe Ventum “Seize the Wind” Award 2007

Todd A. Haynes
Mechanical Engineer
Conventional Renewable Energy Team
Idaho National Laboratory
INL – Biofuels and Renewable Energy

Jerid Hayward

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Boise State University, 2009
Director of Engineering, Exergy Development Group

Image of Jerid Hayward hikingJerid Hayward graduated from Boise State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 with a 3.2 GPA.  His degree focus was in renewable energy systems, ultimately designing a 20MW Solar Power Plant in his senior year.  In his time at BSU he became the president and founder of the “Engineers without Borders,” chapter, and was an involved member, working on student competitions both for SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).  He has a year of experience working for AceCo Precision Manufacturing in the process components side of the semiconductor industry; and just under a year designing solar street lights and components for Inovus Solar – an innovative, rapidly growing start-up company.  Currently Jerid has undertaken a major role as the Director of Engineering at Exergy Development Group, leading a team designing a radically new Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.  His engineering background, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to see the wind energy portfolio expanded in the northwest will hopefully allow him to become a pioneer in the renewable energy industry.

Jerid Hayward
Director of Engineering
Exergy Development Group, LLC
Historic Hoff Building
802 W. Bannock Street
Floor 1200
Boise, ID 83702
ph: 208.336.9793
fax :208.336.9431

Matt Heath

BS Construction Management Boise State University, 2004
Project Manager, MECI
Image of Matt Heath next to his truckMatt has worked in Salt Lake City with Granite Construction as a project engineer overseeing runway and taxiway projects at the SLC International airport.  He has also worked as a project engineer overseeing a sea wall reconstruction project for the city Corpus Christi in South Texas.  Since returning to Idaho Matt has estimated and managed high voltage wind farm collection system projects in Idaho and Oregon.  Currently he is developing a high voltage construction division to MECI’s existing low voltage electrical contracting business.  He is actively seeking wind farm electrical scopes as well as residential and commercial solar projects.

905 S Industry Way Ste. 107
Meridian, Idaho 83642
O: 208-288-5493
C: 208-859-7958

Chad Kidd, PE

BS Electrical Engineering, Boise State University, 2005
Idaho Power Company
Image of Chad KiddAt Idaho Power, Chad is involved in power quality issues surrounding any connected wind generation on our system.  Prior to his current position at Idaho Power, Chad worked for several years as the Lead Electrical Engineer on various wind projects.  Those projects included multiple detailed design projects and the complete design of the collection system.  In addition, while at that company he provided Owner’s Engineering services for multiple major wind developers and provided services from initial studies to final completed turbine inspections.



Chad Kidd
Electrical Engineer | Idaho Power Company
10790 W Overland Rd. Boise, ID 83709
(208) 388-2428 | Cell: (208) 870-0661

Stephanie Lively

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Boise State University, 2009
Site Assessment Engineer, REpower USA Corp.

Image of Stephanie Lively standing next to a carStephanie K. Lively, a native-born Idahoan, completed elementary and secondary school in Boise. She graduated from Capital High School in 2004. For as long as Stephanie can remember, she has had a great deal of interest in the renewable energy field as well as in sustainable technologies and has always been concerned for the health of the environment. Her interest in pursuing a career in a related field was further sparked by a University of Idaho, Women in Engineering conference her senior year featuring the production and use of Bio-diesel made from rapeseed oil and french-fry grease. Following high school graduation she enrolled in a pre-engineering program at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, where she combined a liberal arts curriculum (including a minor in Spanish) with the many mathematics and science classes required for an engineering degree.

In the fall of 2007 she transferred to Boise State University where she enrolled in the College of Engineering in order to pursue her Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. While a student at BSU she participated in Wind Powering America’s Wind for Schools Program designed to demonstrate wind energy basics to both students and community leaders and in the process educate future engineers in the field of wind energy. She visited several schools to educate rural students in wind energy and engage the community through meetings with school boards and city councils regarding the benefits of wind energy in rural Idaho. Her role was to provide leadership and technical assistance to a variety of stakeholders involved with the project.

In May 2009 Stephanie received her degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University. In June of 2009, shortly after graduation, Stephanie was employed by REpower USA Corporation as a site assessment engineer, working from the Portland office on sites and projects primarily along the Columbia River. Since her employment she received additional technical training in Germany and in numerous conferences and workshops across the United States. The REpower USA office was relocated to Denver, Colorado in the late fall of 2009. She is now located in Denver and works in conjunction with her international colleagues on site assessment and all aspects of wind energy projects across the continent.

Stephanie Lively
Site Assessment Engineer
REpower USA Corp.
1600 Stout Street, Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80202, USA
REpower USA website
Phone : 1.303.325.3699

Brenda K. Morris

BS Civil Engineering, Boise State University, 2007
Field Engineer, D.H. Blattner & Sons, Inc

Image of Brenda Morris wearing a hard hat and reflective vestBrenda K. Morris graduated from Boise State University with a BS in Civil Engineering in May 2007 and started with D.H. Blattner & Sons in June 2007 as a Field Engineer.  She worked in Roscoe, TX for one year on four Wind Turbine projects. The first was the Roscoe Phase I project which included 209, Mitsubishi 1.0MW turbines and the Champion (Roscoe Phase II) project, which included road and foundation work for 55 Siemens 2.3MW turbines.
Morris worked on the next two phases of the Roscoe Wind project (Pyron-Phase III and Inadale-Phase IV) which began in January 2008. The Pyron project is 166 GE 1.5MW turbines and Inadale, 197 Mitsubishi 1.0MW turbines. The completion of Pyron/Inadale will take place in mid-2009.

While on the Roscoe Wind Projects Morris was responsible for Road Reclaim on completed projects and foundation construction throughout, as well as assembly planning and route set-up for component trucks delivering to our site. Her contribution in Texas on the four phases of the Roscoe Wind Project was spent developing a total of 781.5MW of wind energy.

In July 2008 Morris was transferred to the Hay Canyon Wind Project in Moro, OR.  She worked with the foundation crew which completed foundations September 12, 2008. There will be 48 Suzlon 2.1MW turbines on the Hay Canyon site (101MW), assembly of components is scheduled to begin September 22, 2008.  She will be working with assembly crews in erecting these turbines; this project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2008.

Brenda Morris
Field Engineer
D.H. Blattner & Sons, Inc.
Cell (320) 293-2753

Eric Nutsch

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Boise State University, 2009
President, bote Innovations

Image of Eric NutschEric Nutsch graduated from Boise State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 with an emphasis in computational fluid dynamics.  He started his career in the alternative energy industry at Aurora Power & Design in Boise, Idaho. While working at Aurora, Eric designed many alternative energy systems ranging from differential temperature controllers to 200kW micro-hydro control systems.

In addition to his work at Aurora, Eric has been an independent contractor since 2009. In 2010 he founded bote Innovations LLC in Eugene, Oregon to better manage his clients. He is currently contracting with a subsidiary of 1,4Group in the development of a proprietary vertical axis wind turbine design. Utilizing open-source computational fluid dynamics code and wind tunnel testing preformed at BSU, Eric plans to carve out a large niche for this design in the wind energy industry.

Eric is a member of the Product Development and Management Association and is studying to become NPDP certified. He plans to continue pursuing new product development and renewable energy throughout his career.

Eric Nutsch
President, BSME, EIT
bote Innovations LLC
1574 Coburg Road #145
Eugene, OR 97401-4802

Bote Innovations website

Phone & Fax: 888.541.2683

Zachary Parker

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2009
Wind And Site Engineer, Nordex

Image of Zachary ParkerZach has been with Nordex since September 2010. Based in Chicago as part of a global team of engineers, he is involved in all aspects of wind analysis including turbine site and load assessment, project layout optimization and energy assessment. Zach has worked in a number of industries and always had an interest in being more directly involved with renewable energy systems. Beginning in 2008, he was able to pursue this interest as an employee at Boise State University’s Wind Application Center. This led to a position first with a local developer in Boise and then with Gamesa Energy in Philadelphia, where he was involved in wind resource assessment and project development for projects across North America.
Zachary Parker
Wind and Site Engineer
Nordex, USA
300 S Wacker Dr, Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60606

Dustin Shively

MS Mechanical Engineering Boise State University, 2009
BS Mechanical Engineering Boise State University, 2007
Energy Systems Engineer, Exergy Development Group

Image of Dustin Shively pouring beer out of a tapThroughout his undergraduate and graduate career at Boise State University, Dustin had the privilege of serving the general public, and more specifically the College of Engineering, with cold, frosty beverages at Ha’Penny Pub. During this time of imbibement, he focused his education toward the renewable energy industry. His research work during graduate school consisted of an innovative energy storage technology for renewable energy grid integration; a demonstration of which can easily be provided through use a half empty beer glass, which oftentimes can be difficult to find.

While performing research for his thesis during graduate school, Dustin had the opportunity to present his research at multiple conferences around the country: AIAA: ASME Wind Energy Symposium; IEEE: Energy 2030; Renewable Energy World; AWEA: WindPower 2009.


Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson is a partner in the law firm of Richardson & OLeary, PLLC.  Mr. Richardson’s practice focuses in the areas of energy law including the representation of industrial consumers of investor-owned electric utilities as well as representation of consumer and municipal electric utilities.  Mr. Richardson has assisted developers of independent power projects in obtaining power sales agreements and financing.  His clients include trade associations of large industrial customers and consumer-owned electric utilities as well as independent power producers.  Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Richardson served for four years as staff counsel to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Mr. Richardson has appeared before almost every state regulatory commission in the Intermountain West as well as the Idaho Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on energy related issues. He has also appeared before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and has practiced extensively before the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bonneville Power Administration. Recently Mr. Richardson was a speaker at the American Bar Associations annual conference on anti-trust law. His topic was the status of antitrust laws as applied to regulated electric utilities. Mr. Richardson has also been a speaker at numerous conferences on electric issues in the West.  Mr. Richardson is a 1983 cum laude graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law and received his B.A. from Boise State University.  He is admitted to the bars of the State of Idaho, the Federal District for the District of Idaho and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He is a member of the Federal Energy Bar Association and the American Bar Association and has been awarded an AV rating by Martindale-Hubble. Mr. Richardson is on the Board of Directors of A Career in Energy (ACE) the Boise State Friends of Nursing and is serving as President of the BSU Friends of Nursing. Mr. Richardson is admitted to practice law in the State of Oregon.
Peter Richardson
Richardson & O’Leary, PLLC
515 N. 27th
Boise, Id 83702
(208) 938-7900