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KidWind Collaborative

The KidWind Collaborative 2012 is now closed and results are in!  Thank you to all of our participating students and teachers– we had 444 students participate!

Click on the following links for results and information from each city!  


Coeur d’Alene, ID (2 schools, 2 teachers, 3 courses, 134 students)

Jerome, ID (1 school, 1 teacher, 1 course, 28 students)

Paul, ID (1 school, 1 teacher, 1 club, 20 students)

Rigby, ID (2 schools, 2 teachers, 2 courses, 42 students)

Sandpoint, ID (1 school, 1 teacher, 3 courses, 100 students)

Shelley, ID (2 schools, 2 teachers, 6 courses, 120 students)


Missed the Collaborative, but still want to do a classroom challenge?  Please use the powerpoint presentations, rules, forms and supplemental materials below.  We’d love to hear about your experience (contact info below)!

These Wind Lesson Presentations (created by Mike Winston, Shelley School District) include the following topics: Intro to Wind Energy, Arguments for and against Wind Energy, Wind Farm Construction, Energy Terms and Concepts, Wind Terms and Concepts, and Wind Turbine Terms and Concepts, Intro to Magnetism and Electricity Generation, Gears, Wind Challenges, and Siting Small Turbines.

KidWind Collaborative Rules 

KidWind Collaborative Final Report Submission Form


Supplemental Materials for Collaborative :

Photograph Release Consent Form (Submission required if photographs containing students are included)