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Idaho Wind Data

In cooperation with Wind Powering America, Idaho’s anemometer loan program began in 2001. Boise State’s Wind Application Center became a partner in 2008. Data collected and analyzed since July 2008 is on this page.

To view the information and data for an Idaho site, click on the sites below.  Due to file size constraints, not all data may be available through the links below.  

Image of Idaho Site mapBryan’s Run
Buzzed Renewable Energy Site
Hot Springs Site
King Hill Site
Baker Site
Magic Wind Site
Eric Pearson Site
Jerry Ball Site
Fred Brossy Site
Don Taber Site
Kamima Butte Site
Jarolimek Sites
Holbrook Site
Larry Beck Site
Carrie Harris Site
Alltel Site
Bannock Pass Site
Deep Creek Site
Pleasant Valley Site
Clark County
Sheep Station Site
Big Flat Site