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Wind Working Group

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Topics for Discussion

Are you planning to install a tower (met or otherwise)?   Please contact Byron Schmidt at the Mountain Home Air Force Base, to discuss possible conflicts with Air Force flight patterns in Southern Idaho, Northern Nevada and Eastern Oregon.

Byron L. Schmidt, DAFC
Chief, Airspace Management
Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
FAX 828-4573

Met-tower rules proposal.
Due to the proliferation of the met towers, and after considering all the legitimate aircraft operations in the airspace from 200′ agl to the surface, the Idaho Division of Aeronautics
has determined that some marking and lighting of these slender, hard to see structures is necessary.   It wishes to accomplish this through additions to existing Administrative Rules pertaining to hazards to air navigation.  As part of this process, IDOA wants to get representatives of the aviation interests and wind energy reps in the same room to talk about marking and lighting.  Consensus is the goal.  If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact Mark Lessor.

Mark Lessor
Aviation Tech
Division of Aeronautics

Create common wind-turbine zoning ordinances.
Rich Carlson is leading a campaign to enact consistent wind turbine ordinances in ten counties across Southern Idaho; Blaine County has already enacted one.  The campaign is trying to encourage counties to enact ordinances specific to wind turbines rather than forcing applicants to pursue Conditional Use Permits (which is the common solution in the absence of specific ordinances). A preliminary goal is to enlist people in each county they approach to assist with eliminating the barriers towards erecting the small turbines.  If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact Rich Carlson.

Rich Carlson
Idaho Rural Council