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Image of a collage of three pictures (a group of students with 3D glasses on, a hand holding a memristor, and an outline of an animal in darkness)

Welcome to the College of Engineering

  • Image of Computer Science Students
    Computer Science Program Hatching New Ideas for Education

  • Image of C2C12 myoblasts on graphene foam
    Graphene Flexes its Muscles in Boise State Study

  • Image of Eric Jankowski & Kendra Noneman, Materials Science
    The Journey from High School Intern to Undergraduate Researcher

  • Image of student that participated in the National Wind Competition
    Boise State Students Competing at National Wind Competition

  • Image of Boise State Team Testing Astronaut Tool at NASA
    Boise State Team Tests Astronaut Tool at NASA

Student Spotlight

Image of Kendra Noneman with her shot put

Kendra Noneman, starting her freshman year in Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State, is also on the BSU track and field team.
Read more about Kendra

Important dates