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Welcome to the College of Engineering

Peter and Nader

Nader Rafla, left, with Peter Müllner, right

Engineering Professors Receive IGEM Award to Develop ‘Smart’ Micropump

Student Spotlight

Image of Yaiza Ortego cropped

Yaiza Rodriguez Ortego, is a student-athlete from Spain. She came to Boise State University to pursue her dream of playing basketball in the US. 
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Important dates

  • January 26 – MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 AM, ENGR 110
    Dr. Lily Lee – Boise State University
  • February 2 – MSMSE Seminar – 10:30 AM, ENGR 110
    Dr. Jennifer Locke – Ohio State University
  • February 3 –  Engineering and Science Festival
  • February 7 – ASC Reno Competition, Construction Management
  • University Events Calendar: Boise State Events