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Getting access to the lab is relatively easy to do by following the steps provided below.  If you are a student, faculty or staff, follow the list below Section A.  If you are an industry customer or not affiliated in any way with Boise State University, please skip section A and move on to section B.


1) Complete a New IML Student User Access Request Form (STUDENT)or a New IML Faculty-Staff User Access Request Form (FACULTY/STAFF)and return it to the IML Director, Pete Miranda.

2) Visit the SAFETY section in the IML website and follow the instructions on how to complete the IML safety training.  You must print out the safety certificate and give a copy to the IML Director to validate you have completed the training.

3) Print and sign the IML_student user agreement or the IML_faculty-staff user agreement and give a copy to the IML Director.


Industry customers may choose between two scenarios when requesting access to the lab.  In cases where the customer wishes to have services performed by IML staff, generally there  will need to be a External Customer Users Agreement in place prior to work commencement.

If customers wish to access the lab and have access to equipment, a BSU Facilities Use Agreement must be executed.

1) Complete a New IML External Users Access Request Form and email it back to the IML Director, Pete Miranda (

For a complete list of user fees, please reference the User Fee link in the IML website.

Note: All IML forms are now located here