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User Fees

The fee rate schedule (2011 academic fiscal year) is summarized in the table below and described in more detail in subsequent descriptions:

ActivityDescriptionInternal User Fee (BSU)External User Fee (Academic & Gov’t)External User Fee (Industry)
IMFL Access FeeOne time fee (per year)waivedwaived$125.00
Equipment Use FeeBase rate per hour$40.00$55.60$150.00
Safety TrainingSafety training for accessing the IMFLwaived*n/a*n/a
Engineering/Tech SupportSupport from IMFL staffincluded in rate*$50/Hr*$50/Hr
Other chargesStockroom consumables/suppliesat costat cost + OH%at cost + OH%

Identification and Definition of Users

Rate AInternal users: Boise State University-affiliated professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. (anyone who is employed by or has an appointment at Boise State University, including BSU federally sponsored projects).

Rate BFederally funded, sponsored research projects by non-BSU entities.  Or other academic users: Professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. employed at or having an appointment at a non-Boise State University affiliated institution.  Lab users in this category must be doing academic research.  Industry funded research will be charged the industrial rate (Rate C).

Rate CAny non-academic affiliated entities, including national laboratories.