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8-8-16: Mike’s research experience is highlighted in the Update
7-29-16: Vincent heads back to PSU. Thanks for a great summer of research!
7-27-16: Vincent and Mitchell present their research at the Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research
6-29-16: Kendra’s research experience is highlighted in the Update
5-26-16: Vincent Greenholt joins the lab for a summer REU
5-25-16: Evan is accepted to the Open Science Grid User School, winning a trip to Madison
5-9-16: Mitchell Leibowitz joins the lab
4-18-16: Mike is chosen for a 2016-2017 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
3-8-16: Kendra is chosen as a 2016-2017 Blue Waters Student Intern
3-4-16: Matty Jones joins the lab
8-21-15: Evan Miller joins the lab
8-19-15: Kendra Noneman joins the lab
5-8-15: Mike’s poster is accepted to FOMMS 2015
4-1-15: Mike wins a trip to Toronto for the International Summer HPC Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences
1-7-15: Mike Henry joins the lab