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Partnerships, Outreach & Giving

Since our College of Engineering was created in 1996, we have achieved incredible success thanks to support from corporate and industry partners and Idaho’s phenomenal growth in high technology companies. Our growing reputation (in the classroom, research lab as well as on the field) has made our college an attractive destination for students across our state, the nation and world. In Fall 2018, over 2600 students were enrolled in our degree programs. As we approach our 20th year anniversary, we invite you to partner with us.

Scholarships: When many of us attended college, we could earn enough money in the summer to pay a substantial portion of our fall and spring tuition and living expenses. In 2018, this is no longer the case, as the total estimated budget to enroll full-time, in-state in school at Boise State University is $20,328. Translated into a student’s perspective, this requires fifty 40 hour work weeks at $10/hour. While working 10 to 15 hours a week is feasible (and recommended), working 40 hours a week in addition to attending school full-time does not leave enough time to attend classes and learn technically challenging material. It is therefore our highest priority to raise funds to offset the cost of education for our students. Contribute to Undergraduate Scholarships

Image of a group of students with their Senior Design projectIn our programs of Computer Science, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Materials Science and Engineering, student teams who are in their last year of their undergraduate degree program work across one or two semesters on a Capstone Design project or senior project. Often these are based on projects proposed and supported by our community partners. We welcome ideas and support for projects on an ongoing basis. Contact the individual program chairs or contact Dean JoAnn S. Lighty @

Image of four people at an information booth for the Construction Management Association student clubWe have nearly 20 student clubs and organizations, including discipline-specific clubs that support our community, to Honors societies and competitive organizations including Microgravity University. Our student clubs have supported the Idaho Botanical Garden, the Discovery Center of Idaho, Zoo Boise, Idaho Fish and Game, Camp Rainbow gold, Habitat for Humanity, and much more by donating their time and talent. To support a student club or organization, contact  Leandra Aburusa,

Image of a student helping a little girl during STEM Exploration DayWhy do students decide to become engineers or computer scientists? For many Boise State students, their interest was sparked by participating in a fun and engaging activity before they enrolled in college. This is why we are dedicated to bring engineering exploration and the pursuit of STEM learning to students of all ages in our community. We welcome support in our outreach; contact Dean JoAnn S. Lighty @ to learn more. Foster Learning: Become an Engineering Outreach Champion