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MTF – Mechanical Test Frame


The MTF as it is best modeled by Lego bricks (sometimes including bricks not found on Pick a Brick)

3.5 MTF Pick a Brick Image1

The alternate version of the MTF model, utilizing bricks commonly found on the Pick a Brick site

MTF Building Instructions (pdf)
MTF-Alternate Building Instructions (pdf)
MTF Parts List (xls)
Ordering Instructions (doc)
MTF Lego Digital Designer File (lxf)

MTF Overview:

  • Three_point_flexural_test

    Three point flexural test” by Cjp24 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Tests and measures a materials resistance to deformation when placed under tensile, compressive or mixed (flexural) loads

  • Uses a load cell and various extension measurement methods to determine stress/strain relationships
  • Can be used to test materials for applications on several size scales (small or large structural placements) and to examine deformation and fracture mechanisms


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