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SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope


The SEM as it is best modeled by Lego bricks (sometimes including bricks not found on Pick a Brick)

SEM-Main Image

The alternate version of the SEM model, utilizing bricks commonly found on the Pick a Brick site



SEM Building Instructions (pdf)
SEM-Alternate Building Instructions (pdf)
SEM Lego Digital Designer File (lxf)


SEM Overview:Slide5

  • Ultra high magnification: 20X-30,000X
  • Surface topography (SE – Secondary Electrons)
  • Phase arrangement (BSE – BackScattered Electrons)
  • Composition (commonly Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy – EDS; Wavelength-Dispersive Spectroscopy – WDS)
  • Resolution: 10 nanometers (0.000000010m)


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