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2015-16 EXPAND.CS Scholars Announced, Networking Reception Held

2015-16 EXPAND.CS Scholars Announced, Networking Reception Held

resize top imageIt’s only been seven months since 2014-15 EXPAND.CS Scholars were announced but EXPAND.CS Scholarship Committee members were excited to bump up their program’s timeline and select the next round of scholars earlier!

Students were split among two cohorts by academic class (junior and seniors) and will receive up to $5,000 in tuition assistance for the 2015-16 academic year. A full list of scholars can be found on the CS Recognizing Excellence page and you can learn more about this scholarship program on the EXPAND.CS page.

A networking reception for the scholars and industry partner representatives was held at the Owyhee Plaza Rooftop Terrace on November 18th, 2014. The intent of the EXPAND.CS program is to increase the number of graduates in CS and subsequently to fill high demand roles in local industry. A principal piece of this effort is fostering relationships between students and industry partners that will lead to internship opportunities early in their academic experience, and ultimately, long term employment with partner firms. The room was abuzz with conversation as student and industry representatives circled the room, introducing themselves to each other and sharing their affinity for CS while discussing possible internship opportunities. Industry representatives from AppDetex, Clearwater Analytics, Hewlett Packard, Impact Sales, Keynetics, MetaGeek, and Whitecloud Analytics. Industry representatives from CradlePoint were unable to make it.

Holding this event a little earlier in the academic year than it was previously held, allowed scholars the benefit of networking before summer internship interviewing had begun, a huge opportunity for a deserving bunch. Check out the reception photo gallery below to see them in action!

As this is the second and final year of the EXPAND.CS program as part of the Idaho Department of Labor grant, the future is unknown but it’s hoped that it’ll continue to exist in some form or variation for the 2016-17 academic year and beyond.

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